Heisman Poll

Unlike the Heisman, you only get one vote. Who is your pick? Not who do you think will win. The names I listed are the top 10 according to the hesiman watch on espn. FTR, I added Golden Tate from Notre Dame, since I have seen other forecasts has him in the top 5. I’m sorry if i missed your favorite

Colt McCoy QB Texas Sr.
Toby Gerhart RB Stanford Sr.
Tim Tebow QB Florida Sr.
Mark Ingram RB Alabama So.
Kellen Moore QB Boise State So.
Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska Sr.
C.J. Spiller RB Clemson Sr.
Case Keenum QB Houston Jr.
Jeremiah Masoli QB Oregon Jr.
Jacquizz Rodgers RB Oregon State
Golden Tate WR Notre Dame

FTR, I voted for Tebow. I think he embodies college football.

I think there are only 3 guys who have a real chance of winning: Mark Ingram, Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy. None of those guys strikes me as particularly deserving, but Heisman winners often aren’t.

There are really only three ways to win the Heisman Trophy:

  1. Put up huge (perhaps record-breaking) numbers. That’s how Andre Ware, Ricky Williams and Ron Dayne won their Heismans.

  2. Perform spectacularly in a nationally televised game that everybody was watching (Carson Palmer against Notre Dame, Charles Woodson against Ohio State).

This year, so far, nobody has really done either of those things. There’s still one more week of conference playoffs, so there’s still one last chance for Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow or Mark Ingram to have a spectacular game while EVERYBODY is watching.

But if none of those guys has a spectacular game, it will come down to the third scenario…

  1. Play quarterback for the team that looks most likely to win the national championship. Like Gino Torretta and Charlie Ward.

And if neither Ingram, McCoy nor Tebow is spectacular this Saturday? My bet is that the award will go to the quarterback of highest ranked remaining team.

If Florida wins, Tim Tebow will get the Heisman.
If Florida loses and Texas wins, Colt McCoy will get it.
If both Florida AND Texas lose, Mark Ingram will win it.

That’s depressing, but probably accurate. So I voted for Suh.

I glad someone voted for Suh, it would have sucked if I typed that name for no votes.

I voted for Toby Gerhart but I doubt he’ll win. That kid had an amazing season put up some sensational numbers. And he’s got a lot of heart.

I don’t think Tebow will win unless he goes against Texas (which I think he will) and blows the shit out of them (which I don’t think he will). They may win, but it will be a bruiser.

Remember, there’s only one person in history to win the Heisman twice: Archie Griffin.

So in the end I think it will be Colt McCoy. He’s had a great career, a great year and was the runner up last year. I think it’s his time.

I agree. Tebow’s had only an average year, so if he wins it, it’ll only be because he’s The Chosen One, and that’s a pretty shitty reason to give someone a Heisman. Ingram seems like “Token SEC player not named Tebow” and hasn’t impressed me. Gerhart would be a great pick, but I think he’s a long shot. Suh’s really, really good, but I just don’t seem him as the sort of game-changer a skill position player would be (not a knock against him at all; he’s doing all he can and then some). And I think Keenum’s an even longer shot than Gerhart, because not only is he a “system” quarterback, he’s a system quarterback from Houston. That’s gotta hurt.

So give it to Colt. He’s got something near an 80% completion rate (again, even though I’m of the opinion that this should be a single-season award, not a collegiate career recognition). And while he might lack (thus far this year) that marquee win, so does everyone else. So give it to 'im.

Of the players I have watched this year, I would say it’s Gerhart (not a prediction, just who I like, astorian correctly laid out the formula for who actually gets it). It’s amazing to watch 3 people barely slow him down, the guy just keeps moving forward.

Tebow and McCoy are both obviously very good, but Gerhart just stood out this year for me.

Tebow should have won last year, in my opinion, so if he wins it this year it would just be bizarre. For this season I have no idea.

Oddly enough Tebow won more first place votes last year than Bradford, but since they count 2nd and 3rd (weighted) Bradford won. Colt came in second overall, yet another reason they will hand it to him this year(unless something goes seriously wrong in the next two games).

Dez Bryant.
Oh, right. McCoy, though I really like Keenum.

Damn - I picked the wrong Stanford guy. Switch mine from Ingram to Gerhart. That kid is a horse.

Munch, I know you’re a domer, so good on you for not choosing one of your boys. In an alternate universe with a good coach they both would be strong candidates (esp Tate who I think has the best hands of any receiver this year).

Clausen would have been a lock (for me) if we’d have won 10 games. Tate would have been a fun darkhorse. I’m also not opposed to picking a standout from a 6-6 team like the Irish - but watching Gerhart gallop around last week was really impressive. I know the Irish D-line is pathetic, but when you put together 3-4 200 yard games like that, you have to come up with an awfully good reason to not vote for him.

I voted for McCoy as more of a lifetime achievement award in a sea of people who are essentially equal. He’s put up some great numbers over his entire career, and deserves the recognition.

But I think it’s going to be Tebow, and as an Ohio State fan, that depresses me to no end.

There is at most only one game left for all the Heisman candidates. The award will be given out a week from tomorrow.

Oops, in a total brain fart, I listed Mark Ingram’s school as Stanford, not Alabama. If a Mod happens to see this post, I would appreciate it being changed in the poll. thanks.

Voted for Gerhardt and I think he might just win. He has had a big nationally televised game against Notre Dame. It is down to Gerhardt and McCoy in my opinion and since McCoy has this wewekend to show off he may get it.

You’re right, my brain fart. This weekend is the last chance.

I wish they’d wait until after the bowls to pick the Heisman winner. For instance, Eddie George getting it instead of Tommie Frazier in 95, Bush over Young in 05, or the two recent OU QBs.

I’ll go with Suh. But I’m a Husker fan. Our offense is abysmal, and we’re playing the Big XII title game because of him.

I’d like to pick Gerhardt, because he’s got heart, runs good routes, is disciplined, and a possession back. Did I miss anything? Oh, and pretty fly for a white guy.