Helen Gurley Brown - Cosmo Editor dead at 90

Major figue that helped define the modern working woman. Cosmo was very popular with young women in the 60’s,70’s and beyond.

I recall seeing her on tv a lot 20 years ago. R.I.P.

I think many, if not most f the posters here are too young to be aware (first hand anyway) of her tremendous impact on society’s thinking about women. R.I.P.

Now THAT was a hell of a woman. May she rest well, she earned it.

Helen Gurley Brown was born in 1922?! Wow, she definitely saw some huge changes during her lifetime … and helped bring many of them about too. R.I.P. and thanks, Ms. Brown.

IIRC, she was a huge devotee of the Atkins diet. And she lived to be 90!

Yes, she was a remarkable woman who helped change the world. RIP.

Sex and the Single Girl was just a bit before my time, but I read a book she wrote later that I think was called Having It All.

I remember being appalled at some of her opinions - for example, if a husband cheated it was his wife’s fault for not keeping him satisfied - but it was an interesting read and she had a real zest for life that was appealing.


I used to love it whenever she went “Nyuck! Nyuck! Nyuck!”

Whoops! Sorry, that was Helen “Curly” Brown.* :smiley:

*I know, bad taste, but I just couldn’t resist it. So sue me!

You ever hear news like this & think “I thought she died years ago!”?

Well… :o