Helen Thomas says she will commit suicide if Dick Cheny runs for president

Why take a chance? Do it NOW, Helen!

I have her on my Death Pool list this year. I’ll have to remember to put her on it in 2008, just in case.

Now if only we could get Cheney to commit to killing himself if Helen Thomas runs.

I’m getting really tired of people threatening to commit suicide/move to Canada/never eat green beans again if some politician runs for or wins something and then not following through.

Now I kind of hope he really does win. If he does, I’m going to hold her to this.

Let’s see how many wackos we can get on either side to take this pledge. That way no matter who wins, everybody wins. :smiley:

Pure and simple hyperbole.

A hyper bowl is what I put my Sugar Frosted Choco Bombs™ in! :slight_smile:

yup. If I say “If I hear that goddam Celine Dion song from Titanic one more time I’m gonna shoot myself,” You’re not going to call 911 if “My heart shall go on” wafts from a Benneton we walk by.

The Dems would love for Cheny to run. He would never be elected President (OK, never say never, but, come on, he’s got no chance).
(Maybe she’s trying to goad him into running?)

This is news… how?

I don’t fault her for the sentiment, just for verbalizing it while Drudge Report hacks are around to make a big deal out of it.

I’ll vote for Hillary if Helen even lives until '08.

Sorry, I missed the memo. Why are we supposed to hate Helen Thomas, exactly?

The OP is a mindless cuntbag, don’t expect any insightful answers from that shit-stain.

I think that she wears white after Labor Day. I am pretty sure that she didn’t get a blowjob, though.

I heard that she left the cake out in the rain.

I don’t think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it, and the recipe is from a now closed website.

The OP is obviously the member of the White House press corps with the most seniority after Ms. Thomas.

Cuz’s standing next to her evil opposite; Ann Coulter, she looks even more like a cross between Shreck & a shar pei

If Dick Cheney runs for president, I swear I will never eat okra again. OR lima beans.

Take that!!


If Dick Cheney eats lima beans, I’m never moving to Canada again.

He will pass the gas bill.

He will cut the cheese programs.

He will sit on your toilet for over 15 minutes.