"Helix" - anyone watch? (boxed spoilers, please)

I set the DVR to record the first 2 episodes, which aired back-to-back on Syfy last night. I’m curious enough to give them a try without waiting till the end of the season, but wanted to go ahead and start a thread, since I didn’t see one yet.

I saw the first 2 episodes. I think it has potential. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I decide to follow it or not.

I agree with Zoid. Nothing in the first two episodes put me off, but I’m not completely hooked yet. I’ll keep watching, though. There’s enough there to build on.

The third episode is available on demand. I watched all three this morning and I’m ready for more. I think it has potential to be really good.

I enjoyed the first two episodes, and I look forward to more.

One thing that I liked a lot: not all of the scientists are drop-dead-gorgeous. The overweight blonde veterinarian looks like a real person, not a Hollywood glamour babe. It’s unusual for television and movies to have major characters played by less-than-pretty women. I was betting that they’d kill her off quickly, but so far that has not been the case, and I’m impressed.

I agree except that the other two women are a bit too similar. They have the same hair color, build, etc. I’d say that main scientist dude has a “type”.

I don’t know, the cast in general seems to fall into the “too pretty” trap. They’re all more or less good liking, even the blond scientist isn’t really unattractive in any way.

I saw the first two episodes and I’m not sure how much attention I’ll pay to the rest. For all the hype, I’m very puzzled about why we need yet another zombie/monster virus… with yet another divorced husband/wife team. Once again, we see that “SyFy Original” means “cheap knockoff.”

Also, I’m having a lot of trouble with inconsistencies. Characters can contradict themselves four times in the same conversation and no other characters notice. Even the setting contradicts itself. We have a research base in the arctic full of spacious private shower rooms and roomy double-height labs and that’s because, what, real estate in the arctic is so cheap? You tout your security system that has RFID locks on every door, but you have no security cameras, and an unsecured ventilation system that seems tailor-made for people to crawl around wherever they damn well please?

First ep was pretty good, second ep noticeably worse, haven’t gotten to the third ep yet (kinda weird they put it up early, won’t that kill their ratings)

Then the previews for the season to come played and I see Jeri Fucking Ryan in there. Yuck. Hate her.

Yeah my heart kind of sank when I saw her :frowning:
Still holding out hope but I fear this does not bode well. I’m afraid it’s going to become formulaic to the point of being cartoon like -

EVIL war-mongering/world-dominating corporation/secret-society
the rag tag bunch of morally superior and righteous scientists and their sidekicks

I found it unbearably awful. The dialogue was clunky and overly expository and the characters behave in stupid, unrealistic ways.

Yeah, I fear so. Also, we see that “SyFy Original” means pandering to what they presume are audience anxieties/wish-fulfillment faves. These would include making sure we know that the Prospective Girlfriend is less than half the age of the Square-Jawed Hero (ooh, I like seeing that! I’ll watch this show! :dubious:) and, worse, making the Mysterious Asian Guy being cold enough to be callous about deaths on his watch since the deaths advance his Research, and weird enough to have Glowing Eyes. Nice way to appeal to xenophobia about The Rise of The East–an American preoccupation (I say as an American).

I mean, I could be wrong that the writers were going for these cheap appeals to the emotions of their target audience, but…

Are there any sharks in it? Or Nazis?

If not, by SyFy it would be groundbreaking.

I saw it as an homage to Kate Reid’s Dr. Ruth Leavitt in The Andromeda Strain (so far the whole thing seems to be a mash-up of The Andromeda Strain and Outbreak with a, suggested for now, dose of “supersoldier” for flavor).

Maybe, but I think the character needed to be from a technologically advanced place on Earth with an alien enough culture to allow the other characters to dismiss his behavior as a cultural and not conspiratorial. Japan is the current go to for that, in no small part because of Japanese made video games et al. (of course they could have just made him Canadian!).

Am I alone in thinking thatDr. Hiroshi Hatake’s glowing eyes are to be read as the outward signs that he is the beneficiary of the successful parts of their research?CMC