Sanctuary. Anyone watching?

So, I’ve watched a few episodes. It’s OK. Kind of an interesting premise. A little dissapointing. Too much CGI. However, I can’t get past Amanda Tapping’s accent.

It just sounds like a high school attempt at high-class English.

Is that really her accent? I know she was born in England, but the family moved to Canada when she was really young, 3 maybe. Could she have kept an accent? Would it be that one?

The last ep I saw was called “Nubbins.” It was such a Tribbles take off, but there was no reference to Trek at all.

I missed last week’s, and almost fell asleep during the newest one. I think I’m done with this show.

I’m still watching, but feel like I’m holding on by my fingernails. It’s an interesting premise, the show has potential, Amanda Tapping is still as gorgeous as ever but, cripes, could they make a more boring show if they tried?

I constantly feel like either A) the writers have never seen or read a piece of science fiction or fantasy in their lives, or B) they are assuming that the show’s audience has never seen or read a piece of fiction of any kind.

Like the latest one, on the submarine. The mer folk are found all torn apart. Amanda gets infected while doing the autopsy by a bug that invades her brain. And then slowly, sloooooooooowly, after endless dialog and the heat death of the universe, this woman who is supposedly brilliant and has a couple of hundred years of life (and science) experience under her belt, sloooooowly comes to the realization that, gasp, the bugs must’ve been in the mer folks’ brains and that’s what drove them to tear themselves apart. Um, duh, to anyone who’s read/watched a couple of stories, that was obvious the moment the bugs were found in her brain.

The only reason I’m still watching is because of Amanda Tapping. I agree, her accent is horrible and distracting and just doesn’t ring real. Still, if the show had starred anyone else at all, I would have given up after episode 2.

I watched the first two episodes then stopped DVRing it. The acting, dialogue and pacing are horrible.

That and the fake, crappy digitial blue-screen “special” effects.

Yeah, we’re still watching. It’s definitely got weak points, but we’re still there. I do find the accent (and the brown hair) very distracting, but it’s fun to look at [del]Daniel Jackson[/del] the psychologist guy.

The Tribbles episode drove me crazy. I kept yelling at the TV. :o

Word. Of course, I love geeky guys too. I thought the last episode was pretty good. And I like the Jack-the-Ripper character, and the werewolf and cavemen guys. The tribbles episode was horrible, though…