Anybody watching it?

So far in, it looks like it could be good, if done properly. Or it could be shit. Or anywhere in between.

It certainly is an interesting concept.

It’s over, here. Kinda crappy, IMO. Then again, I was only half-watching it, so I may have missed some subtleties that would have made it more interesting. But, from what I saw, I doubt it.

It joins the category of “TV shows I won’t feel the urge to watch again” for me.

My suspension of disbelief crashed about 15 minutes in, when they sent a military squad down to that ship and who announced in what couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes (while the rest hovered in the helicopter) that it was safe to land because there were no pathogens or chemical hazards.

Damn! Even CSI can’t run get test results that fast.

I was just a little bit confused with regards to how the North Koreans were supposed to get a Kilo-class submarine to a site somewhere off the eastern coast of the US within a few hours.

I give it an “eh.” I turned it off about 1.5 hours in.

It was nice to see Spiner back in action, though. He got old.

It’s okay for a TV movie, but there’s not much of a storyline for a whole series.

It was okay. Not great, not terrible. I’ll probably watch it again, just 'cause I like Brent Spiner. I didn’t like the female lead, though. She was just a little too perfect. Plus, some of the dialogue fell flat. It has the potential to be good in an X-Files sort of way, but it needs some work.

For now…meh.

Darn it, I really liked it. Since I really liked it, I give it 6 episodes, tops, before it gets canceled.

I thought the cast was great and there was some really creepy moments. Love the guy from the Station Agent!

What is it? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

It’s a sort of X-Files-ish show, only told from the conspirator’s point of view.

This should tell you all you need to know.

I really liked Peter Dinklage. And, of course, it’s nice to see Brent Spiner.

Me, too. I was totally absorbed and screamed a bit when the Zombie guy was behind the refrigerator door!

Good cast, especially Brent Spiner and Peter Dinklage. And I like Carla Gugino a lot. Good effects. I didn’t particularly like the “ghost guy,” who, I suppose, is supposed to be Molly’s love interest. He looks too much like he was lifted out of a comic book.

I don’t understand why this show is on Friday night which is pretty much the Doom time period. And I think maybe that’s why you’re right that it will get 6 eps before it is canceled. Looks like there’s a lot of money sunk into this show, though.

Dinklage and Spiner were great, but it pretty much failed to grab my interest. I was perhaps expecting too much, more along the lines of “Contact” or the early parts of “Sphere”.

I’d watch it, except I’ve got places to be Friday nights, and this just isn’t worth the effort to tape it weekly.

2nd rate X-Files rip-off. The dialogue was perfunctory, the cast was filled with 2 dimensional “quirky” archetypes and though the special effects were pretty impressive, I didn’t find them particularly eerie and the timing and editing of the scare sequences was off.

I’m pretty disappointed considering there was a certain amount of advance buzz for this show. I’ll give it another chace (mostly for Gugino) but I doubt I’ll be following it regularly.

It only peaked my interest because of Brent Spiner. I give it half a season before it’s cancelled. Maybe in time it will even out, but I found the plot and character rapport to be clumsy. I found the female character a little dull.

I love the premise enough to give it another chance… but man the dialogue was for shit. And solid actors like Dinklage and Dutton each had scenes that made them sound like high school kids trying to sound like serious actors.

As soon as I saw the lead had a fing ugly pug for a pet I almost checked out… that the worthless pet was named “Monster” made it slightly palatible.

Monster is not a pug. Monster is a French Bulldog. Very trendy!

Anyone else think that William Mapother is just dialing in the Ethan Rom role from “Lost”?

I liked Spiner, Gugino, and Dinklage, but I kept getting up and missing scenes. And then I realized that I hadn’t really “missed” them.

Hijack alert
Brannon Braga will not get watched in this house.
He’s one of the Bergama. Together, Berman and Braga ruined Trek. Sad, 'cause they had potential. At the beginning. Well, it seemed like they did…

After vivisting with an old friend of mine this past couple of days who actually wrote and did other things for Trek (both herself and with her husband), I now have another reason to avoid Braga. He treated her like shit. (Her sister died, that’s why she came back to town.)

So, not to crap on anyone’s tastes, but I’m glad this show isn’t wowwing anybody. Yeah, I’m petty like that.

End hijack