I'm sorry, but Amanda Tapping can't act

Amanda Tapping of Stargate (TV series) and the SciFi Channel’s relatively new Sactuary series.

Everything she delivers has the same emotional tone and wavelength. She has two expressions, “general blank stare” and “thinking to herself half-smile”.

It bugs me and keeps me from being able to enjoy anything that she’s in, watching every 2 bit extra run around her in thespian circles.

Also, she isn’t hot enough.

I concur. Also, I thought her accent in Sanctuary sounds forced and, well, fake. Boy, was I surprised to find out she’s English. Wait, no, she’s Canadian? Well, whatever, I didn’t like her accent.

I really do think she suffers from only playing that one character for what? 10 years? I don’t recall her having any other roles while Stargate was on. So I’m going to give her the benifit of the doubt and suggest that it may take her a role or two to break out of that rut.

She had a very brief role in the “Earthsea” miniseries, also on Sci-Fi

I don’t really notice much. An actor has to be really bad for me to notice. The only one that really pops out as horrible is Jessica Simpson. I recently saw a bit of Employee Of The Month and she was terrible. But if you aren’t Jessica Simpson bad, I usually let it slide.

Sebastian Spence, the guy from First Wave. His acting comes down to one gimmick: he starts each line in a normal tone of voice, then trails off to a whisper. He does every line that way, whether it’s a big dramatic emotional moment or just “good morning”.

11 years, actually. 10 on SG1, 1 on Atlantis.

Anyway, I don’t think she’s that bad, other than the British accent, that is.