Hell on Wheels: worth watching?

The TV series Hell on Wheels was recently released on DVD. It looks like it might be interesting but I don’t recall any mentions of it, pro or con. In fact, I wasn’t aware this show existed until I saw the DVD.

So anyone watch this series? And is it worth watching?

No spoilers please.

I liked it. There’s a lot of smaller plots around the main plot. I’d probably get it on Netflix and not buy it.

I watch about half of the first season. I got tired of storylines shoehorned into the six locations they had built.

I thought it was good but got bored with it pretty quickly and quit watching, I really couldn’t tell you what was wrong with it though.

I liked it, but it was not a “stop what you are doing because it is coming on” show for me. It was worth watching if you have some extra time though. My favorite episode was “timshel” I think because it opened with one of my favorite songs of the same name. I seem to remember the show having some really good openings.

I thought it was an excellent series. Lots of interesting characters. I’m eagerly awaiting the 2nd season.

I really liked it although it lagged in the middle IIRC. Not a spoiler but I thought the episode where Cullen & Elam have a public fight was especially good so I’d say watch at least until then and decide for yourself.

I followed it all the way through. It wasn’t awesome, but it was pretty good.

I liked it very much, but a lot of people these days don’t like westerns. Heretics.

Ditto. My thoughts exactly.

Eagerly awaiting two shows next season, both on AMC. (The Walking Dead)

I watched the first two or three episodes and didn’t have enough interest to watch any more. Among other things there were lots of plotholes about his life in and before the Civil War as well as some political correctness.

Very mild spoiler:

Because good guys couldn’t own slaves, he was like Mel Gibson’s character in The Patriot: a southern farmer with some free black friends who liked to drop in and work on his farm.

I understand it got much better after the first few episodes though.

(I loved Deadwood; this was no Deadwood but they were going for that vibe a bit, as much as you could get on basic cable.)