Hell on Wheels

I saw a recommendation online, that if you liked Deadwood, you’d like Hell on Wheels.

From what I can gather it’s set in the mid 1800’s, and centres around the railroad barons.

Before I go and try and chase down a copy of season 1, anyone watched it? Recommend or not?

I couldn’t get into it, but perhaps somebody else can be more positive. It was nowhere near the series that Deadwood was, so perhaps that was the problem.

I agree that it really doesn’t compare to Deadwood but I did like it, especially the first 1/3 and the last 1/3 of the season.

I loved Deadwood and gave up on Hell on Wheels after three or four episodes.

Same here. I really do let a series stand on its own merit and don’t usually compare to other series. This one was just. . .off, I guess. I just couldn’t get interested in the characters or the story line.

Echo the above. It’s of a similar style with not a lot of black and white characters, but it’s no Deadwood, which IMHO, is one of the best shows ever made.

Sort of a C+ or B-

Hell on Wheels started well, but the writing towards the end left me wanting more. Proceed with caution.

I liked it, FWIW.