HELLO <echo>hello....


It’s 11:00 Christmas Eve. Are Reeder and I the only ones on the boards? The Christmas trees are wrapped, the kids are nestled snug in their beds, with visions of XBox games in their heads.
I’m alone, as usual. But I’m okay with that. There will be plenty of people around tomorrow.

Hi there, wanna cookie?

I like Christmas cookies. Are they sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal-cranberry (which I made for the cookie exchange at work)??

Meant in a sharing, non-bitchy way, of course.

Preview is my friend, preview is my friend. :smack:

waves shyly

Yup. And after I wrapped the Christmas trees, I had me a nice glass of Plum wine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pepper, my cat, likes cookies. Chocolate chip ones. I just found that out tonight.

I have cookies too. Sugar cookies dressed in crushed Lifesavers or sprinkles, and thumbprint cookies with strawberry or apricot preserves. OR - brownies with walnuts.

Ohh, yay, thought you’da thought I was being snarky!

Lessee, I’ve got oodles of chocolate covered things, pretzels and peanut buttery everything and while those aren’t cookies, I’ll share gladly.

Cookie wise, you may choose from peanut butter blossoms, santa snax, choc chip, scotch bars, ch.chip oatmeal or we’ve got an interesting selection of sugar cookies, tried coloring the dough this year for a fun psuedo-playdoh experience during cut-out time. Who knew that mixing the colors would make dirt-brown cookies?

I was watching alien-headed Larry King with some dudes talking about Jesus. One guy got all huffy about how we can’t say “Merry Christmas” any more, we have to say “Happy Holidays” and I started thinking yeah, I want my Merry Christmas back. Merry Christmas!
I was also thinking that what I really want for Christmas is a monkey butler. It’s probably too late, though.

Don’t the monkey butlers wear diapers, and if so, can they change themselves or does one need to hire an emu nanny or something?

My monkey butler would have to be British-trained. He will have impeccable manners and be knowledgeable, proper, and devoted to me. He will, of course, discretely use the toilet and would rather eat his own tail than fling his poo.
I will call him Mr. Belvedere.

I’m here. Just bored and lonely in a ‘need female companionship’ kind of way.


Okay the SDMB probably didn’t need to hear that. I dunno though…two of my cousins are spending Christmas with their boyfriends, kind of reminded me of how lonely I am :frowning:

Incubus needs a cookie.
Let’s bust out the guitar under my tree, drink my plum wine, and sing Silent Night. Altogether now.

:: wakes up in middle of night after long series of unexplained noises from above ::

Hi! :slight_smile:

I’m up too. I was bad and ate all my cookie dough yesterday. So now, poor me, I have to have a Christmas Without Cookies. The horror.

I thought real hard, and to console myself, I am now making my cinnamon rolls meant for breakfast. I figured, screw this, I’ll just eat them now and sleep in late.

I’m brilliant I tell ya.

I’ll probably do some searching tomorrow and figure out how to make sugar cookie dough by scratch. I think I have the ingredients, just too lazy to look up right now.

I, for one, am so glad it’s almost over. I’ve had a hard time the last month, and have been looking forward to January, and even more to February and tax-refund time. I’ve never been so Grinchy during the holidays. I went to the grocery store today, and as I was putting a bill into the Salvation Army kettle, I exclaimed that it was a Christmas miracle that I got through the store without hurting someone.
It’s enough to make you wanna eat more cookies. Or drink more wine, even.
Maybe I’ll just go to bed.

waves I’m still up cuz I watched Darkness Falls… and I’m such a wuss (but it makes me feel better that a pal who is also up tells me he was creeped out by it too and he’s this strong sorta not admit to weakness dude)

I have cream puffs and cola or Earl Grey tea.

Hello, hello, hello! I just wanted to bump this thread. Have nothing of substance to offer at this time, but will soon.

Okay, now I have something of substance to offer. Either in an hour or in the morning, I am going to see the old movie “The Seventh Veil,” starring James Mason and Ann Todd. Never seen it before. Woo. I like James Mason.