Hell's Kitchen 7/3?

It doesn’t appear to be listed. :frowning: How can I survive without my weekly dose of Ramsey Rancor.

Have they changed the time slot? Have they just bumped it for a week? Or…
have they cancelled it? :eek: :eek:

The show’s web site states that Hell’s Kitchen “returns Monday July 10th 8/7c.” So it looks like you might have to wait a week for your Ramsay fix.

Huh! I like the show; I look forward to it Mondays too. Guess I’ll have to wait a week as well. :frowning:

Thanks, Spoons. I hate it when they play games with a series. It’s sort of like breaking a contract: I agree to supply another set of eyeballs to your ratings each week and YOU agree to show an episode each week, same time & day.

Yeah, I know I overreact when networks disrupt my fantasies of reliability, but given that they’ve done things like cancel reality shows after just two episodes, move reality shows from broadcast to cable-only stations part way through a series, and even show all of a series EXCEPT the finale…ghod only knows what stupidity they’ll think up next.

SBS, are you not American, by any chance?

It’s a holiday weekend (kinda) which means reruns if not preemptions.

Oh, I’m American all right, born and bred. A Yankee, in fact.

But since when has 7/4 been ‘special’ enough to create a four day weekend?
Come to think of it, though, an Adam Sandler movie is definitely a second class “special” to preempt for. :dubious:

Yeah, I would actually take this as a mark of confidence in the show – it’s doing so well they don’t want to blow an episode on a night when a lot of people won’t be home watching TV.