Hell's Kitchen 7/18/2011

Chef Ramsey is back, and he has his hands full. I wouldn’t trust most of these dimwits to soft scramble me some eggs.

Round Two is tonight, and the men are already down two members!

Who saw it last night?

My husband and I just caught the end, maybe we’ll see it tonight. We agree that this show sucks ass, but are somehow compelled to watch it. :slight_smile:

I kind of half-watched it; it’s on my DVR so I might give it another shot tonight. I was amused by the fakeout, and surprised by how quickly a medic was needed. But yeah, even with my inattention, I was not impressed by what skills were being shown.

I was switching between HK and the ballgame. What happened with heart attack guy? And didn’t we already have an overweight heart attack guy on a previous season? I didn’t see pornstache guy until the end when they kicked him off and I’m kind of glad I’m not going to be hearing / seeing him every week.

Not sure why I even watch this show. I have no interest in food and there are never any compelling contestants. I just love Chef Ramsay, I guess.

Count me in as one who can’t turn her head away from the horror. Going to be hooked, yet again. It kills time waiting for Top Chef to come back at least.

There’s one every season. There’s also Horrible Accent, Sweats in the Food, Edgy Lesbian, Crying Girl, Woman-hater, Freakshow, Flaming Gay Guy, and Wants to Fuck Ramsey. There can also be combinations. Thus you might have a Woman-hater Who Sweats in the Food, or an Edgy Lesbian with a Horrible Accent.

I was playing a videogame on my laptop and wasn’t paying close attention, but I think after another guy (Will?) noticed he was in a bad way and got him to go in back to talk to a medic, he was given oxygen for a bit, then he was sent to the hospital. He had to withdraw from the show.

i love kitchen nightmares. ramsey’s a hoot in that.

is this new series worth catching at all or is it strictly ‘slow-down-and-watch-the-traffic-accident’ quality? and what channel is it on?

This is the American version of Hell’s Kitchen, shown on Fox. It’s very train-wrecky and shouty. If you’re not looking for good cooking or natural interactions, you may like it just fine for what it is. :slight_smile:

Alas no Sabrina this year. The “hot one”, this year, isn’t so hot or saucy.

Ah thanks. I thought by “fakeout” you meant the heart attack guy was faking it, but you mean at the end, right?


So funny because it’s true.

My guess he means sending the contestants to makeup & hair then out onto a stage where they naturally expected to be the center of (flattering?) attention.

If you noticed the commercials for the next season that ran during the show a couple times – or maybe during Masterchef, yes, I watch a lot of reality tv – they said they were ‘casting’ the show. Casting, not looking for good cooks.

I’m sure they’d be willing to consider other ‘interesting’ contestants, if you have a quirk or are willing to fake it.

Like being/pretending to be someone with the type of Tourette’s Syndrom that compels you to shout out insults at random.

Ramsey: How long for the risotto?
You: Five fucking minutes, you goat felcher!

I wonder how they’d handle religious demands?

How about an Orthodox jew who refuses to cook pork? Or refuses to taste any dish if it includes non-Kosher ingredients?

What about an observant Muslim? I’m not sure when the prayer sessions occur, but can you see Ramsey’s face if someone rolled out a prayer mat in the middle of a service rush?

I would have expected that they would have all of the contestants get a thorough medical checkup before they appear on the show. A couple of times, they have them doing physical stuff like unloading a delivery truck by hand (without the use of hand trucks or dollies), in addition to the physical demands of cooking for hours and being woken up in the middle of the night.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure about being all spoilery only the second post in, considering the first post didn’t reveal much, so I was intentionally vague there.

The “fakeout” was the big “you are a star!” treatment at the top of the show. Great lead-in. I’ve never been fond of any of the cooking competition shows where - barring the final decision where the audience is surely mostly the two competitors’ families and friends - they have cheering crowds for these no-name random people.

And I’m a she, for what little it matters.

Don’t forget Guy Who Thinks He Knows More Than Ramsay. I’m pretty sure that I spotted one of those developing on last night’s show.

Especially after eight seasons, I’d hope that the contestants know what they’re getting themselves into. They know they’re going to be moving a lot in a hot environment (the kitchen), they’re going to be unloading delivery trucks, and they’re going to be doing other physical things. They also know that they’re going to be under a great deal of stress, as Ramsay screams his displeasure at what they’re doing. I’d also expect that the show’s lawyers have drafted a release that explains all this, so the contestants (and that’s what they really are) have no excuse for not knowing what they’re getting themselves into.

Still, people can delude themselves, and I’d guess that the guy last night (Jason?) did just that. I’d expect him to be brought back at some point in the future, maybe as a guest diner; or perhaps on a future season as Aaron (the other one from a past season who had to quit owing to medical issues) was.

I missed last season. I caught the middle of this first episode of this season, but missed the beginning and end.

Is Jean Philippe still around? I didn’t see him, but I heard Chef Ramsey tell some James (or something) guy to open the restaurant for the dinner service.

I checked the Wiki article; sounds like Jean-Philippe did the first 7 seasons and then went back to one of Ramsay’s restaurants.

What bugs me about this show is that all or most of these contestants are supposed to be professional restaurant chefs. Are you telling me that experienced cooks can’t get out a single entree? Bull! In the first season, the idea was to take non-chefs and train them to pro chef level. After that, professional chefs became the contestants. Watch season one, and tell me that the performance today is any better. I just don’t buy it.

James just doesn’t have the same attitude. I miss Jean-Phillipe.
We watched last night.

Aw, that’s too bad. I’ll miss him. He was a bonus for watching the show.