Hell's Kitchen 6/12

Anyone else watching this?

This show kind of stresses me out, but I’m still drawn to it. I missed a chunk of it last night, but from what I can tell, there aren’t too many likeable contestants on this season. The men against women format they’re using really brings out some ugliness. However, I do like the Mophead boy who almost went home last night.

I saw a clip where Jean-Phillipe had food thrown in his face, but I must have missed that part of the program. What was the deal with that?

Okay, I could make more comments, but I think I’ll wait and see if anyone wants to discuss the show first.

I like the girl who burned her hand, and still kept on trying to keep the kitchen running, and people checking on her food. I’m pulling for her to win, so far.

I missed the food in the face clip… :frowning:

It bothers me how Chef Ramsey manipulates the “game”, such as making the waiter guy rewrite his orders last night. Also, if Chef screamed at me in the kitchen, I wouldn’t forget it easily over a friendly glass of wine.

Then you wold probably need to try another profession. It is not at all unusual (ok, he may be a little bit more abrasive) for head chefs to really scream and abuse their staff. That’s because: a) top chefs have understandably high standards and b) what goes out of the kitchen is always a reflection of them, whether they made it or not. It generally isn’t personal. You had better be able to get over it over a glass of wine.

I have a little restaurant experience. I definitely don’t want any more. :slight_smile:

This is one of the reasons I think the winner of Top Chef was a mistake. He was too low-key and didn’t have the drive to be an Executive Chef. The Executive Chef has to demand high performance and get it all the time.

Expecting perfection is one thing, screaming at and abusing your staff is another. Do you let others in a management role get away with that behavior?

I think chef Ramsey is an unmitigated asshole, only slightly redeemed by his gentle treatment of the girl that burned herself.

I’ve never watched ths show, because on the promos he comes off as such an abusive psychotic. Dven if it’s just an act for the TV cameras, I’ve worked for people like that, you’d have to pay me good money to watch one!

I haven’t really found anyone to root for yet. None of them are really very likable. None of them seem especially talented either, at least they haven’t shown it yet. I didn’t really care for that girl who burned her hand. She was kind of an ass-kisser and the stuff where she was “helping” her team after she burned her hand seemed a little grandstanding to me.

Others are worse, though. That sweaty guy, for instance. I also didn’t like the ex-con. It bugged me how he explained his incarceration “I got in trouble for some stolen checks.” No you STOLE SOME CHECKS. It irritates me when people try to describe their misdeeds passively as if it was something that happened TO them rather than something they DID. It’s weaselly. I don’t trust that guy.

Giacomo needs a haircut and then maybe he’ll be able to grab that greasy potato. I think he’s the least annoying of the men, though.

Didn’t see it either - I have a feeling, though, that it’s one of the clips from an upcoming show. They have little bits and pieces of upcoming shows in all those “trailers” or whatever you call them.

Loved it - we’ve been waiting forEVER for this to come back on! :slight_smile:

I didn’t watch it on purpose, had the TV on for background noise while I was writing code and didn’t bother changing the channel. :slight_smile:

My wife had it on as I was going to sleep last night and the abusiveness of the Chef had me longing for the insane assholishness of Simon (another show I frequently nap during while the Mrs. watches). What next for reality television? Maybe we could have a group of people agree to be tortured for some secret they’ve been given since that seems to pass for enjoyment these days?

I’m sorry, maybe I should just pit these shows in general, you are welcome to like them, but they offend me in the same way torture and humiliation often does.

Whatever you think of it, I have to back up Gangster Octopus, that it’s pretty much SOP for restaurant kitchen culture. Everybody screams and swears at everybody else all the way through the peak hours. It’s normal. You can’t run a line without busting asses. Ramsey gets a little more nuts than what I’ve seen IRL, but not much, and I’ve seen them all have occasional meltdowns which would rival Ramsey from time to time. Usually they’re not like that all the time and I suspect that Ramsey’s blow ups are edited to make it seem as though he’s in a constant rage and that they never show the majority of the night when he’s calm.

Yelling and swearing are just part of the culture, though. People who are sensitive about it don’t last long. It also gets forgotten about after the rush. It’s not as personal as the show makes it look, It’s just how things get during the most pressurized 3 or 4 hours of the night.

I kind of see what you mean. I will watch this show, but I can’t stand Jerry Springer. Maybe because these people know what they are getting into, and they win a prize at the end.

I’d have killed that prick within the first five minutes. I don’t believe you have to treat people like shit to get them to perform (as most high-pressure business will prove). This is one reason I’d never make it in the military either. I’d bludgeon those assholes in their sleep.

Well at least it’s better than last year. When it was obvious from the opening episode that there were only three people even remotely qualified, and one of those showed his incompetence three shows in.

At least this time they are all equally unqualified, so it’s interesting at least. I’d put the sweaty guy a bit into the lead, because he seems the most level headed and intelligent.

Oh yeah also.

I don’t know where they get the patrons, but I got the feeling that a lot of them saw last year’s, and were playing it up themselves for some TV time.

I wonder about them too. Is it free to eat there? Because that’s the only way I’d hang around two hours waiting for an entree. But then, how do they feel justified in complaining?

I’ve wondered about the patrons too. I think they can’t be paying customers. They must be akin to a studio audience that gets free meals.

That guy that was bitching to Chef Ramsey about not getting enough pumpkin in his pumpkin risotto struck me as someone who was just trying to get some face time on TV.

Yep that’s exactly the guy I was thinking off.