Hell's Kitchen - 4/29

Since there seems to be a few watchers still…

Tonight’s challenge seems to involve pizza.

PIZZA??? And last week it was burgers and fries and mac & cheese?
I predict the following week’s challenge will involve L’eggos and Frozen dinners. :mad:

Well to be fair last weeks episode was a “family” night show so they burgers and fries and mac and cheese mostly for the kids.

I’m fine with them doing pizza as long as it is exotic or creative. For instance the people have to make a pizza from left overs from various types of restuarants.

“Ok blue team. You get the left overs from the sushi place and the steak place. For you we have snails, baked potatoes, octopuss and bbq ribs. Now make me a pizza.”

“Red team. You get left overs from the ice cream shop and the burger joint. For you we have french fries, oreo cookie topping, hot dogs and gummi bears. Now make me a pizza.”

I’m cool with it too- at least it will be a creative aspect that the teams will have to bring to the table- I find that seeing what dishes they come up with is the best part of Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen needs a little more of that.

I agree. My favorite part of the chef /cooking shows is when they are given random ingrediants and told they have half an hour to make something out it. It really shows who has talent and who just memorized a bunch of recipes.

You know it’s going to be Beef Wellington Pizza with Risotto sauce.

You mean like we do at home on Open Pantry / Clean Out The Fridge Nights?

Today, Chef teaches the crew the most vital lesson of all:

Raise your profit margins by selling *ridiculously *overpriced crap to people who don’t know better. $200 pizza? Kobe burgers? Jeebus.

“piss cream”! That has to be one of my favourite Chef Ramsey put-downs of a dish yet! :slight_smile:

Ok, they got off easy because of a medical leave and they didn’t want to lose an episode by cutting two this week. But how should have been cut?

I say Roseanne. She really seemed to be struggling, and I see less potential in her than I do for Louross or Ben. Matt also annoys me, but he hasn’t fucked up enough yet to get cut. Dude has an imminently punchable face though. He whine loudly without making a sound.

If Vanessa hadn’t left, my choice would’ve been Roseanne too. I have yet to see her demonstrate that she knows what she’s doing, and her disastrous attempt at the veg station only confirmed that.

WTF is it with Matt? He suddenly just did the Jekyll/Hyde thing…he suddenly looks meaner, like he could just do something to somebody if pushed enough shudder

But hey, at least they completed a service!

Here’s a question: Anyone who stands out to you?

I like Bobby. He doesn’t have Jen’s big mouth, and he definitely has the chops.

I still like Christina but think she will be sabotaged eventually. Jen obviously has talent but her mouth! I had to chuckle when she talked about Christina blabbing “blah blah blah” instead of letting Jen say her “valid” stuff. Oh PLEASE!

Jen’s attitude really gets to me. Her words are valid, but no one else’s are? She does seem to be able to run the kitchen, though. Although the refusal to pull together as a team to get the desserts out is a real failure. It shouldn’t matter whether you like your co-workers or not - the important thing is to get the orders out.

Watching the women work their pizzas versus the men was an eye opener. Calm, efficient, taking notes. I don’t think half the men’s pizzas were completed. And Louross saying “This isn’t a breakdown. wait until you see a breakdown” was hilarious. He didn’t seem to realize he was saying he could sink so much lower. Bobby still has delusions of general-dom, but he isn’t pulling the men together as a team.

Roseanne’s voice annoys me. She could go just for that.


That, I think, will be Jen’s downfall. There’s no question that she knows what she’s doing and yes, she does know how to run a kitchen. She needs to learn to keep her mouth shut.

What was it that GR said a couple of episodes ago re Bobby? Something about “I feel safe with you in the kitchen”? He’s the only one I’ve seen who doesn’t fuck around. He’s stepped in to rescue various stations. He respects GR, and it seems the rest of the team respects him too. That, in and of itself, is paramount in an aspiring executive chef.

I agree about Jen and her mouth and her attitude is getting annoying. I liked how Ramsey reminded her at the end that he is in charge after her comment about keeping herself in the competition.

I still have hopes for Louross he definitely has the drive.

Bobby doesn’t really stand out for me but he hasn’t messed up since the beginning so thats a good thing.

And what is up with Matt looking like he’s pissed off all the time?

I loved it when Ben had to deliver the pizzas. I was really hoping for him to tip the cart over or run into something. Oh well.

The red team was rocking until they got to the desserts and no one would help Christina. The blue team is horrible. They don’t communicate or help each other out.

Next weeks episode looks especially fun with the Sweet 16 party and the chefs messing up the party girls dinner and her mothers. Ramsey will have a lot of fun yelling at them and i will be greatly amused.

What a load! Like he said before, let HIM make the decisions! If HE thinks you should go, then you can go, but don’t take yourself out of the running. If you’re only 50%, then give everything you can.
Reality TV casting producers need to pre-screen for quitters!

Ben is an asshole. I’m getting sick of his condescension, his arrogance and his bullying. He acted like a douchebag during that whole pizza challenge, he condescendingly dissed his teammates’ work, shoved his own pizza into judging circle without tasting all the others, screwed his own team by literally serving dirt and then called Louross a “bitch” for calling him out on his assholery.

What a smug, entitled, self-important, bullying asswipe. Why couldn’t he have been the one to get burned?

Pizza screwup aside (and the entire team fell apart there, so I can’t blame Ben for taking a stand there), Ben has been pretty solid. I think he has a shot.

Bobby’s a rock. A buffoon, but a Rock. His leadership skills are only about half as good as his hype, but he’s still standing out among the men.

Louross is Ben with a better attitude. He’s shakier than Bobby, but less cocky. If I were a betting man, I’d bet on him.

Matt seems to in the pack regarding cooking skills, but the rest of the men hate him. He’s right, more often than not, but he still manages to inspire hate rather than get things done positively, as Bobby, Jen, and Louross have at various points.

Petrozza has skills. He’s been very shaky in the past, but he could surprise us.

Jen is Bobby with boobs. Big mouth, cocky, but solid cooking skills and a decent leader. She’s less amusing than Bobby, and thus more annoying, but the red kitchen is a tighter ship (though that may speak more to the ladies as followers than Jen as a leader). She’ll be around for a while yet, and has a shot at the whole thing.

Corey is too good to have been eliminated early, but her scheming will get her knocked off now that the weak targets are gone.

The other remaining women blend together for me. I really don’t have any impression of any of them. Which probably means that they aren’t as interesting as Jen or Corey, but not prone to telegenic screwups either. That’s good.

I could swear I saw a preview that had Corey and Louross getting cozy, but I must have blinked and missed it. Can anyone fill me in? I also think that Matt really has to go. I’m getting such a serial killer vibe from him. Since someone pointed out the resemblance between him and David Berkowitz, he is completely creeping me out.

I think the continuing strategy to get rid of Christine is very foolish. They may be there to win, but Ramsay is there to hire a chef for his kitchen. He’s not going to let somebody like Corey shoulder Christine out of the competition if Christine is the stronger chef. He’s willing to send home the worst cook of the week (and he’s demonstrated as much), regardless of who the team or the team leader elects for elimination. Ramsay is also about a hundred times smarter than all of them put together, so they’re not going to be clever enough to “trick” him into getting rid of somebody he considers a strong chef instead of an obviously weak one.

This is something that people never seem to get on either Hell’s Kitchen or The Apprentice. Ramsay and Trump are used to seeing through crap, and are damned hard to manipulate. Tactics that would work on *Survivor * generally don’t wok on those shows.