Hell's Kitchen - 6/3

Yippee! Another Tuesday, another chance to watch GR scream and throw food and kick waste cans. :smiley:

I do believe we are down to six, three women and three men. IOW, down to the two who are fated to be F2 (Bobby and Petrozza) and the remaining cannon fodder. Though C & C did a pretty remarkable job working together last week…hmm.

And those of us who watch the ‘next week’ promos know

that the red and blue teams merge to form the black team [/SPOILER] which I suspect means that [SPOILER]EVERYONE will conspire to get rid of Jenn.

Can’t wait!

Question - Would you eat at Hell’s Kitchen? Knowing that you have a good chance of not being served?


Free food and the booze never stops flowing?

Whadda you think!

Yes! Good choice!

Finally. I’ve been waiting for that ax to fall for a week. Whiney-ass punk.


God, I thought Matt was going to snap and kill them all before Gordon sent him home.

Finally! He had no business being there after the first or second episode- I can’t believe he got that far. What a weirdo.

I haven’t even been watching this season. I started to, but pretty early on one of the guys said something so extremely male chauvinistic that it was impossible to believe, and I wondered just how scripted this show is. Does this same exact stuff happen every time? For instance, did any of the girls try to move Chef Ramsey with her womanly charms?

I did watch last night, and I got a giggle out of Jen taking that other girl to Vegas and the other girl saying, “That just goes to show how phony she is.”

When ol’ Matt was complaining that he didn’t have any feeling in his hands and Chef grabbed him, I thought for a moment he was going to hold Matt’s hands to the stove!

I wouldn’t eat at Hell’s Kitchen because I’d never be able to to feel confident that there was no sweat in my food.

I don’t understand why Jenn wasn’t picked along with Matt. She let the rice burn- that IS a big deal. (I can’t stand Jenn).

Because Christine didn’t notice the pot had been there for over an hour.

Promos indicate Jen gets her comeuppance next week, which means someone else will go home. It also appears Corey tries to do something underhanded, and gets caught.

At this point I’m rooting for Petrozza. He’s the only one who is not a total ass.

But he is a Pig… the one thing that Ramsay always seems to be dead set against in the other shows he’s been on is uncleanly behavior. It Petrozza can actually stop being a slob he should win.

I think Ramsey was honestly surprised by how well they did at the ‘create a dish’ challenge. There were two he mildly dissed, but the other four all got remarks approving enough that they could have won.
As to the scripting, I think it’s not actual scripting so much as careful selection of the candidates. The producers (or whatever level of employee does the interviewing) talk with the candidates long enough to get a good feel of their personalities, and that is mostly what they select for: people who are interesting – funny, irritating, sexist, over-the-top, deluded, charming, misfits, fanatics, narcissists, fools… IOW, .anything other than 'competent, calm, cooperative, DULL."

Okay, okay. They include a couple of people in the competent & mature & can cook category – because someone has to win, after all – but the majority of the candidates are chosen purely to be entertaining as they inevitably get thrown out of the kitchen.

I finally got to watch an episode at work. I missed the very beginning. Strangely enough, just before this I had experienced the flashing lights that signal the onset of a migraine. I took some tylenol in the hopes of fighting it off or dulling it down. I still got the headache anyway and when the nausea came it was time to leave work early. This is why I do not believe Matt had a migraine because he was stuffing his face while cooking. He may have had a plain old headache but I think he called it a migraine to make it sound worse.

I also missed the very begging of the part where people got put up for elimination. So how did Jen get out of it? Christina may not have noticed the rice for an hour but she also had to deal with working with Matt so may have had a bit too many things to watch. Jen was the one who put it there and forgot about it. Didn’t she need it? If not then why did she put it there at all? Sounds a little intentionally sabotagey to me.

Is HK on the Web or rebroadcast over the Food Network or elsewhere? We had tornado warnings so the last 45 minutes of last night’s episode was pre-empted for weather coverage.

Yuppers… right here.

I think we can all agree on two things for the next episode

  1. Jen (My name is JENNIFER!!!) needs to go next.
  2. We can use more shots of Corey in her cheetah-print panties and less of Jen’s 56DDDDDDDDDD bra.

Looks like their will be much to ogle at next week - much to Petrozza’s enjoyment.

Just had a chance to watch the episode tonight. Still doing the happy dance that Matt was sent packing. The fact that he was still here with only 6 chefs left speaks volumes about the quality of this year’s contestants

Then you probably shouldn’t eat in any restaurant. Best not to think about what’s happening behind those swinging doors.

Matt’s “migrane” was such bullshit. As a migrane sufferer, I sincerely sympathize with anyone who has one, and resent the hell out of anyone who decides they can use it as a crutch excuse to get out of something (“they’ll never really know, since they can’t see it”). I hated how he was sort of hugging himself when he went to talk to GR, as if that was projecting an image of suffering and GR would say “aww, c’mere ya big lug, there there” and wrap him in his comforting arms for a hug.

Matt was so delusional. He seemed utterly convinced he was bullet-proof after that discussion with GR. Not enough :rolleyes: to comment adequately on that.


Also agree about the migraine: When I have one, it really shows. My skin turns green or white and I can’t perform simple tasks like standing up.