Hell's Kitchen - 5/27

It’s Tuesday! Another serving of overcooked scallops and undercooked chicken.

After extensive research (read: I saw a promo) I have learned that this week our favorite doofus will sweat into someone’s food. Yum!

Bring it on…

Thanks for this. Having yesterday off work has thrown me off completely and I would have missed it.

I hope Jen is sent home this week. If I can’t have Jen then Matt will be acceptable.

My prediction to the Mrs while watching was

that Jen would end up back on the girl’s team. But I thought for sure that it would be at the expense of Matt going away. Then I almost though he was going to actually can LouRoss, Jen & Matt - which would have be a Hell’s Kitchen Hat Trick

If they really want to surprise us, then they’d better rein in the promomonkeys.
So long, Louross. I liked you, but you aren’t ready to take the lead if you let Jen shut you down that completely.

And…halibut wrapped in zucchini??? Ick.

I really, really wish he’d gotten rid of all three tonight.

Jen just gets more and more unbearable.

I swear, she must’ve said “it’s not MY fault” 12 times this episode. And every time she was wrong.

He should have just sent Matt home anyway, regardless of which team won or lost. At least Louross was contributing something to the kitchen.

Well, so was Matt.

He was doing dishes. :smiley:

Jen - “Well, yeah I made a mistake and forgot to put the sauces on the dishes. But I refuse to apologize, because it wasn’t my fault

I will say that I was impressed with Corey and Christine able to get everything out with just the two of them. versus 4 on the Blue team. Matt doesn’t count because he was worthless.

And Ramsey seems to be putting the pressure on Petrozza, and although he does’t like making the hard decisions, he does it. I think Petrozza’s a dark horse.


The food was too salty because he was sweating into it?

I think that was just, what do you call it? Hyperbole? I don’t think Ramsey seriously thought it was too salty from sweat - he just wanted to give Matty a hard time.

I’m really getting tired of Jen. Please, send her home!!!

If Petrozza cleans up his act, I do think he has a good chance of doing well.

But he is a seriously messy cook.

I’ve been calling Pertrozza for F2 for weeks.

I also think the editing of Bobby is significant, in terms of him likely being the winner over all. They made him look bad the first week – the whole “I’m in charge” but I won’t actually do anything to help/give directions part – but since then he’s been nearly invisible. I can’t recall GR complimenting him on any item OR chewing him out for any cooking mistakes, so I think that means he must be turning stuff out pretty much on the button. The failure to show him being complimented on a good polenta or whatever is to disguise how good a cook he actually is, for the sake of more ‘suspense.’

Matt is seriously creeping me out, and not because of the sweating into the food thing. When they won the challenge and presented Gordon with their menu and he approved, Matt kept insisting that he loved his team and they were all so great and passing out hugs. I’m pretty sure that he’s the sort of guy who would take a polite gesture as a direct invitation to be BFF (and the sort of guy who thinks if a woman talks to him, she must want to have sex with him). My impression was only confirmed when he turned on Corey and Courtney during service, call Corey a bitch and implicitly threatening them under his breath. Not to mention his serial killer face. I mean, I never liked the guy and wish he went home ages ago, but last episode was the first one where I became convinced that he has some serious issues.

…has anyone belted that arrogant prick in the teeth yet?

Jen? I don’t think so, but she’s about due.


Matt’s creepy smile when he goes on about how he loves his team… yeeesh!
I don’t understand why he’s still there. He had one shining moment of a nice Risotto way back when and has constantly shown himself to be an untalented weird hack.

Hate Jen… I know editing and such, but she does herself no favours when she says stupid stuff to the camera… you know you don’t have to talk smack even if the producers pressure you to. You may not get as much exposure on camera but if your good at the cooking and competition they’ll be forced to show something.

I never get to watch this since I work Tuesday nights and the clients keep coming in and not letting me watch my shows, dangit! Anyway, I have to get my fix through these threads. I’m sorry to hear Louross got offed because I thought he had potential and seemed the least bastardly/bitchy inclined in the episodes I did see. Oh well, there just doesn’t seem to be anyone to root for this season.

I’d still like to see Lisa from Top Chef on this show. I think she might actually cook better than most of these people (which is not saying much) and she could give them a real run for the money on bitch factor.

Wow, if Jen was not hypocritical this week. Last episode she was talking down Louross so much for screwing up the competition by omitting an ingredient, while she did the very same thing herself this time aorund. I wish she would’ve apologized, but I’m sure that’s below her or whatever.

I want to get rid of Jen so much. All she does is run her mouth and act arrogant.

Corey and Christina surprised me this week by really stepping it up past their differences and rallying to save the Matt shipwreck.

Petrozza had the best most thought out reasons for his nominations, his choice wording was not insulting or contrived.

I don’t remember now what he said of Lou-Ross but for Jen, “Jen thinks she has much to show and little to learn, when she has much to learn and little to show” or some such.

I thought he handled his nomination like all should all along based on how they handled themselves in the kitchen and not by petty bullshit, now granted he had limited choices of who to put on the block and they were the only two choices. I think that is why Ramsey let him seal his team mates fate and send lou-ross packing.

I haven’t seen any comments on this aspect from last night.

And of course the over the top melodramatic Matt get up here, both of you off with your jackets. long pause Ok switch teams.

So they switch teams but it looks like next week they are all wearing black colored jackets so what will be the big deal with switching teams?