"Hellzapoppin": Anybody Ever See The Film, And Is It Out On DVD?

This was a “cult film” in Berlin many years ago…ran in a movie theater every weekend, in English, and brought in a bunch of stoners and drunks who would just laugh and laugh and laugh.

Someone dragged me into see it and it really was very funny…then again, I was probably not coming from Sunday mass when I saw it, so to speak.

I would love to see it again to see if it really was that funny, or if the crowd and my condition had anything to do with it.

Anyone know where to get a copy of the film and has anyone else seen it?

I can only testify to the first part of the question and not too knowledgeably about that. It was on television when I was a middle schooler in the 60s. I thought it was great. That being said, remember I was in middle school and that might equate to being a stoner in Germany.

I seem to have seen it on some television guides in the last five or six years but it was always on a channel I didn’t get on my cable service.

I imagine Eve or somebody will have to respond regarding DVDness of the film.


Obligatory IMDB link
Not available on DVD anywhere, yet.

If I remember correctly, Shockus Video sells a tape of Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson from a TV show they did in 1949. You could try that, if you wish.

Actually, it appears it was released in Australia, though it is now out of print. The DVD was region 0, so you should be able to watch it on a US machine, though I’m not sure whether Australia is NTSC or PAL.
Shemp kicks ass.

Australia is PAL.