Old (1960's) TV Series "THRILLER"-Available on DVD?

This series was introduced by Boris Karloff-and it was pretty creepy. I enjoyed watching it as a kid-is it avilable on DVD?

Just VHS currently. It is unknown if MCA/Universal still has the video license.

It was on the Sci-Fi Channel a number of years ago. It was okay, but it generally didn’t hold up to my own childhood memories.

I wonder when it’s going to show up in the cheapie DVD bins. A lot of orphaned TV shows seem to & even copyright-impaired classics (Andy Griffith & Beverly Hillbillies).

I’m sure that one time I saw somebody with an eBay store selling what appeared to be legal DVDs of “Thriller”, because I was thinking of bidding on them. But I can’t find anything listed now.

I have also seen people selling what appeared to be DVDs of various shows taped off TV, but I know those sites are in violation of copyright so I can’t say anything more about them.

Oops…I think early-onset senility is setting it. It wasn’t Karloff’s Thriller series I was thinking of. It was an earlier series he hosted, “The Veil”. :smack:

nm, wrong person.

Is that the one that started with a skull emerging from murky water? That used to freak me out. I don’t remember a single episode thought. I might not have made it past the opening titles.

Hey, I was very, very young, OK?

thriller’s best ep, hands down for me, was the one where elizabeth montgomery and (i think) tom poston? played a very unsual couple stuck for the night in a creepy old house?

loved the twisty ending…