The Old "THRILLER" TV Show

I have dim memories of this TV show-I believe it aired some time in the early 1960’s. Anyway, the episodes were introduced by Boris Karloff, and the plots were pretty good…is this series available on DVD?
I’d love to see the episode again about the “Cheaters” (glasses that allowed you to see into another’s soul!

I saw this on reruns on a local UHF channel when I was a kid in Cleveland back in the '70s. I would watch anything Karloff-oriented in those days.

Oddly, the only installment I CAN remember is “The Cheaters.” There must have been SOME other memorable episodes.

There were a great many very memorable episodes, many of which were based on some of the best pulp horror ever written.

Stephen King writes about the series at some length in his nonfiction book, “Danse Macabre.”

Every so often, the Sci-Fi channel shows reruns. I wish they would keep doing so. The show was fraggin’ brilliant.

To my knowledge, the show is not available on DVD. I wish it was.

There are several episodes available on VHS. I don’t know if the one you want is though. Just google thriller karloff.

Okay, I just ImDB’d it. I see they did the classic Robert Bloch tale “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper,” plus some Cornell Woolrich stuff. I don’t remember seeing those, though.

Here are the videos at IMDB, which also mentions a 300 minute laserdisc(what happened to them?).

And at ebay someone has made tapes of 20 epoisodes.

Oh, man! Do I ever remember Thriller! I was nine years old when the series premiered, and it was too creepy for my mother to watch alone, so she got me to watch it with her! I had some pretty scary nightmares during the fall of 1960.

The one episode that stays with me to this day is Pigeons from Hell. Two college guys break down in the Louisiana bayou and have to spend the night in this creepy old house inhabited by a voodoo queen who’s over 100 years old. My God, when “Eula Lee” finally made her appearance, it sent me under the chair. To this day, whenever we see a picture of an old crone, we say, “She looks like Eula Lee!”


I only definitively remember “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper” but man, were those good! I hope that if I ever get the chance to see them again, they hold up.

It has been shown late night on the SciFi channel in the past.