Helms/Kennedy and charges of hypocrisy

Over in this thread, about Jesse Helms, people (presumably right-leaning) keep saying “hey, you all are saying mean things about the dead, but when there was a recent thread about Ted Kennedy, blah blah blah, hypocrites”.

I pit this behavior, for several reasons:

(1) The general “something happened a while ago, and a bunch of people reacted some way, and now a similar thing happened on the other side of the political axis, and a bunch of people reacted some way. I accuse entire groups of people of hypocrisy” thing is stupid and pointless and never leads to anything productive. It’s a weaker version of the even stupider behavior that I lambast at great length here: I pit “if x happened, y would say z”
In brief, this is a stupid argument because, among other things:
-you’re not identifying hypocrisy unless you find a single specific person acting different ways in different situations
-and the two situations are precisely utterly completely identical
-and even so, so you’ve identified someone as being a hypocrite. Holy fuck, THAT has never happened before
-furthermore, something which basically accuses all dopers of one group of being hypocrites is not something that in any way leads to discussion. I mean, how can it be responded to? After all, you can’t really say “oh, no wait, every single member of X is not a hypocrite” because, odds are, at least one is. Basically, you get to attack me, but force me to defend Reeder (or his present day equivalent) instead of defending myself

(2) Not every two things on opposite sides of the political spectrum that occupty vaguely similar roles are comparable. Ann Coulter is not an equal and opposite mirror image of Al Franken. George Bush (either one) INAEAOMIO Bill Clinton. Jesse Helms INAEAOMIO Ted Kennedy. Really, they’re not even close.

(3) Furthermore, there are a non-trivial number of leftists who clearly have no love lost for Jesse Helms who posted reservations in that very thread about expressions of glee at someone’s death. Amazingly enough, all the leftists on the SDMB (Shodan’s “usual suspects”) do NOT speak with one voice. It’s almost like we’re individuals with individual opinions. Imagine that!

Oh, and lest I be engaging in the very behavior I decry, there are only a small number of actual people making such charges in that thread. I am not attacking all right wingers on the SDMB, certainly not the ones who never even posted in that thread, but I didn’t want this thread to be a personal attack, so I didn’t name names. Oh, and when people on the left do the same basic thing, which they certainly do, it is no more productive, but I fully admit that I’m more likely to overlook it. Nonetheless, it’s still wrong.