Help accessing a website

Can anyone out there lend me a hand and check to see if the Pittsburgh Post Gazette website is up? I’ve been trying all day long to access the site, on my laptop and on my phone, and I’m just not able. Tried it with and without WiFi. Tried clearing my cache. Tried restarting the router.

Mods, please move to MPSIMS. I misposted. Sorry. :smack:

This site is a good place to go when a question like yours comes up:

Works here.

Works here to a degree although they may now be a subscription site and I didn’t bother looking at more than the front page.

Thanks everyone. I finally hid my IP and got on the site. Maybe they don’t allow connections from overseas anymore?

Yep, I just changed my VPN to Sweden and Malaysia and the site is blocked.

The PPG, as they have cut back on print editions and gone more heavily into online subscriptions, has done some odd stuff to their website. I could see them seeing “yinzers” out of the country as a “needed revenue source”.

Works for me, I clicked through to an article with no problem and no paywall. I’m using an iPhone 8 Plus.