Help cheer up TheKid

TheKid had four impacted wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. She’s still feeling pretty miserable. Hates looking like she’s storing walnuts for winter. Hates not being able to eat what she wants to eat (she tried fettucini yesterday, but burned her throat). She can’t open her mouth enough to really brush her teeth, which is grossing her out. She really doesn’t want to go out in public.

I’m out of ideas. We rented some movies via RedBox, but one was a fraudulent copy and didn’t work. Sucked.She’s watched pretty much everything we have on DVR. She’s been texting her friends and playing on Facebook a ton. I can’t show her sites like Cute Overload as laughing hurts.

Any suggestions?

Ice cream?

Milkshakes? My mom got me one when I had teeth out. I don’t really like milk so it didn’t work for me but the texture is perfect if you can’t chew but still want to get in something. And eating usually makes me feel better if I’m cranky due to low blood sugar.

Also, mashed potatoes were a god send.

Corn nuts?

Sorry :frowning: it really sucks, she has my sympathies!

Is there any special kind of pudding she likes?

Also, scrambled eggs, really soft, might be possible for the morning.

My Dad made me KFC potatoes and gravy, and mixed in a pork steak cut up really tiny. I’m not one for dehydrated potatoes but at the time it was so good I wanted to cry and can still remember it 14 years later.

Other than that just make sure she keeps the pits clean and she will be back to normal faster than she thinks

Oh, my. My brother and I had ours out the same day and looked like we had the mumps for a couple of days. Mom took pictures. We were not amused.

For entertainment: hulu has lots of entertaining series. Catch up on all sorts of old shows and new ones that didn’t last.

Another food suggestion: How about a mango (or other fruit she likes) lassi? Blend about 1/2 fruit and 1/2 yogurt until smooth. Add sugar to taste. Add a little bit of milk if it’s too thick (I don’t usually bother.) They’re easy to sip and surprisingly filling.

My niece (who is not excited about either strawberries or yogurt) LOVES strawberry lassis.

Otherwise, I second the advice to keep everything clean (IIRC they usually recommend rinsing with salt water), and follow the surgeon’s aftercare advice to the letter.

Hope she’s feeling better very soon!

We are now watching “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, after watching the earlier ones on ABC Family.

I managed to escape for a bit this afternoon - went to my sisters house for enchiladas. TheKid doesn’t like them and didn’t feel like being teased by my brother-in-law.

We have ice cream, yogurt, Push Ups, applesauce, bananas, and I’ve been picking up Oreo McFlurries for her. Unfortunately, she is craving cream cheese wontons or her Totino’s pizza. Both are verboten.

I did pick up an Elmo kiddy toothbrush so she can brush her teeth. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I am glad we did this before school started. If she dealt with this AND school? One of us would be pushing up daisies. I just remind her to be glad she doesn’t have black eyes like I did when I had mine removed. And we didn’t have cable, cell phones, OR the internet back then.

Just don’t run out of painkillers.

You guys got painkillers? I think the strongest thing I got was aspirin when I had mine out.

I got vicodin, which was when I learned that I’m “reactive” to vicodin, translation, it made me puke for hours. Not fun.

I got Vicodin prescribed to me when I had my wisdom teeth out (which didn’t hurt as much as when I got teeth out before braces a few years earlier), but my parents didn’t let me fill the prescription. (They think Americans rely way too heavily on painkillers.) So I think I just took aspirin. The first time around, I don’t think I got any prescriptions to any painkillers and that one was way more painful.

She did get vicodin - 150% stronger dosage than she got when she had her appendectomy this past May. Go figure. She did take them Thursday - Friday night. She’s kinda funny on vicodin. She claims they do nothing for her, but damn do they ever.