I just got my (four) wisdom teeth pulled out..

And it hurts like a mother…well, you know.

That’s rough. Is your face all puffed out and swollen, so it looks like you gained 75 pounds? That happened to me when I had my 4 taken out.

Nope, my face isn’t swelling, but my bottom lip is still numb and I can’t close my mouth. I’m drooling all over the place, too. Thebleeding isn’t all that bad, either. It just hurts.

You have my sympathy. I had mine out just about a year ago. Advil worked pretty well for the pain, but I think I lived on soup and Jell-O for a week or so.

The space they left caused my teeth to shift (they were already moving a little - crowded on the bottom) and now I’m in braces to correct the shifting. I got the top braces in the spring and just got the bottoms a couple weeks ago. The insides of my lips are all raw and sore. Back to soup and Jell-O!


By the way, when they say you should take the pain medicine with food, they mean it. I thought I’d be OK because I had eaten half an hour ago, but I wasn’t.

Yeah, the reason I had to get all four taken out was because they were pushing against my teeth from underneath my gums. If they had come out on their own, then my teeth would’ve all moved and I would have to get braces all over again.

Anne, I took my medicine a couple minutes ago. I should have some soup, shouldn’t I? At least my lips aren’t numb anymore…and I got to miss school today! :smiley:

Yes, you should.

My mom scheduled me to have my wisdom teeth out during the summer, so I didn’t even get to miss any school. I’m still :frowning: about that, more than ten years later.

Better you have them out now than 10 years later, like I did. And it’s cold soup or egg nog for you, young lady, lest you dissolve the scabs.

My condolences. I had mine out the first of August this year. I hope your bleeding isn’t as bad as mine was! Plus, it took forever for the stupid stitches to come out, and I ended up pulling the last of them out almost three weeks later.

Might I suggest cold tomato soup? If you add in small chunks of tomato, it feels almost like you are eating real food, and it fills you up. Plus, if you have enough cheese and cream in there, it tastes just as good cold as it does warm!

Heres to hoping your swelling goes down, and your recovery time is shorter than mine was!

:eek: You had to pull your stitches out?! Yikes!

Well, the bleeding has stopped. A couple hours ago, my lips were still numb and I stupidly tried to drink some water. It ended up everywhere except inside my mouth. And then I saw a drop of blood fall to the floor…and another one…and another one. Soon, there was a stream of saliva and blood pooling. Ugh, it was kind of gross, but I’m all okay now. :smiley: I had Korean congee (this beef soup with mushy rice).

I had mine out (all 4) when I was 17. They pulled them out through the side because there wasn’t room. (There was discussion of whether or not they should pull my last set of molars too, but thankfully decided not to).

My mom went to get me a big pile of movies to watch while I was laid up. She got the strangest stuff to watch while taking large doses of codeine. Dark City will never look the same to me, nor City of Lost Children (my mom is cool).

It took more than two years for the holes to close completely. Woo!

I don’t know whether this is making me feel better or worse about getting mine out… I go for my prelim exam with the dental surgeon in a fortnight, and then he tells me how difficult and costly it’s going to be. Most likely it’ll all be scheduled for somewhere around my first wedding anniversary. Yay!

Hope you feel better soon, dare_devil. :slight_smile:

My sympathy to the OP. I had mine done twice… Once for one, once for the other three.

One hint. Please do everything that the doc recommends against getting dry socket i.e. not smoking, and doing rinces. I think no using a straw either, if memory serves.

Dry socket is not fun. I nursed a kind-of not-so-much-boyfriend-as -leech through wisdom tooth extraction and he failed to heed the warnings.

Longest “long” weekend of my life. (Extraction Wednesday, Dry socket by Saturday nothing open until Tuesday…)


Same with me. I had this throbbing pain, and the very moment I spit out the 2 pounds of gauze the pressure and pain [largely]went away.

A few advils and I was conducting a job interview 2 hours later, and good as before by nightfall. A little tender around the edges, but good to go.

I don’t remember recovery from wisdom tooth extraction to be so long/painful, but then again I was on Lortab, and I’ve had worse since then. I also had to pull my own stitches out, mostly because I can’t help but pick at things especially in and around my mouth. When I had oral surgery they cut open my lip and I have a scar there because I couldn’t stop picking at the stitches.

Anyway, good luck on that recovery! My head felt so much better after getting that pressure out.

Condonlences and best wishes for a quick recovery. Don’t forget ice cream. After dental surgery is a great time for ice cream. :slight_smile:

I had all four of mine out at once when I was 26. Three were crowding into the roots of my other teeth, and the fourth was coming in sideways and had to be sawed out. The pain wasn’t that bad, which was lucky, because the codeine made me dizzy and I had to switch to ibuprofen. Much later I was told that codeine doesn’t make you dizzy if you don’t take it on an empty stomach.

I did have a long wait for the bleeding to stop, and it restarted after I first ate something. I finally stopped it (both times) by replacing the gauze with a compress of a damp tea bag, a tip the surgeon gave me. The tannins in the tea are astringent and draw liquid out of the wound, reducing the swelling and tightening the clot. Plus a tea bag tastes a lot better than bloody wet gauze.

Here’s to a quick recovery! Definitely no straws until things are healed.

I had mine out when I was 20 (eons ago). I was in some pain for a couple days (nothing earthshaking, but then I was on Demerol for about three days, so maybe it was awful and I just didn’t catch on). I looked like I had the mumps (there are pictures; my mother is not a well woman). Mine came out in the summer too, so I didn’t miss school.

My best friend was my roommate when she had hers out. She had a harder time - lots of extra bleeding. Her doctor told her about tea bag compresses as well. They really helped her. (Black tea, just soak them in some cold water and squeeze out the exceess.)


I actually feel great! Okay, except for the fact that I can’t eat anything solid right now. Right after I woke up, I heard the doctor tell my dad that if I get any swelling, it’ll get worse before it gets better and I wasn’t entirely sure if I was dreaming or awake. But, my mom told me that my dad told her that, so I was awake. I’m having some V8 tomato juice right now because the doctor told me to have some. Am I the only one who actually likes this stuff?

Like a motherfucking menstruating chicken? (Warning: do not click on link if it hurts to laugh)

No, I like it, too.

Whatever you do, no matter how good you feel, don’t go out with a group of friends the day after for chinese food. Although almond chicken tastes good on the way down, the dentist will give you a stern talking to when he has to suck almond bits out of the holes at the next visit. :smack: