'ey 'ook out my 'isdom 'eeth...

And wouldn’t let me keep them.

The numbness will wear off in about 30 minutes. Then I’ll be in pain. Lots and lots of pain.

They just grabbed them with their teeth-yankers and pulled…

Mom’s gone to get my prescription filled.

Monday my stitches come out. Until then, I’m on a liquid diet.


I was cognizant the whole time. I only had happy gas, topical anesthetic and the needle-stuff.

You do not want to listen to peaceful, calming music when taking your wisdom teeth out. I brought “Adiemus”. I needed “Pink Floyd”. Calming does not equal distracting. I needed distraction.

Hurry, mom, get that prescription filled!

I’m dripping my ice cream-stick. I picked out the best flavor, and I can’t even taste it.


They shouild’ve let you keep them. Now someone else has a talisman to use against you. :eek:

I thought of that.
I honestly did.

Now I have to change my gauze, and I don’t know where Mom left it. Ick.

I just changed the gauze and the pain stuff is wearing off. And Mom isn’t back with the prescription yet. And my mouth is filled with dark brown icky stuff. I know what it is. Ick.

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I hope your mum gets back soon, I had 2 isdom teeth removed, I feel your pain.

The good news is that pain pills are fun.

I hear they make you throw up… at least, that’s how they affected Mom.

Good luck with that. Keep the socket scrupulously clean, and have lots of cream of __________ soup on hand over the next few days. I hope the pain pills work out for ya.

Good luck with it, DarkMika. I had mine out two Fridays ago which, as the casual observer may note, was five days before Christmas. Joy. Anyway, I was actually feeling pretty good by the big day, and even managed to eat a bit of ham. My advice is to get whichever adult is in charge of taking care of you to rent a bundle of movies and camp out watching them. It’s how I got through my ordeal.

Oh, and the bleeding does stop, eventually. I was doubtful for awhile after seeing just how much gauze I’d gone through, but believe me, it’ll stop.

At least you’re at home having Mom run errands for you (nice Mom!). After I got my wisdoms pulled my father and I went to the video store for movies and the grocery store for cold and liquid stuff (although I ended up eating a steak the next day because the liquid thing was driving me bananas). At the grocery store I ran into a high school teacher I hadn’t seen in about five years. Try making small talk with bloody gauze threatening to spill out of your swollen mouth, and a light spotting of blood on your t-shirt. No pain pills for me, though; my dentist believes in super-tylenol, which worked like a dream for me.

I can’t believe you couldn’t keep them. That sucks.

Mine are scheduled to be removed in March. They’re too hard to reach, and as a result, decay fast and affect my other perfect molars, which is a damn shame, so they have to go.

Ye Gads, I’m SO not looking forward to this.

Mom just got back with the steroids, penicillin, and pain medicine. Steroids are to be taken with food. I’m going to start on some spaghetti-o’s. Yum. And I’ll take your advice, and start watching Gulliver’s travels. The 2-tape set. Yay.

One more thing I forgot to add: be prepared for bruising and cheek-swelling of Marlong Brando-like proportions. That was the mos annoying part for me, since it was the one thing that Vicodin didn’t take care of. But it all worked out in the end, and I even got enough out of it to write an article about it. (If it gets published, I’ll post a link to it.)

Yowsers! I’m to have 3 wisdom teeth pulled, AND 4 premolars to make room in my crowded mouth for braces. I’m so not looking forward to this. Keep me posted and let me know that this is survivable.

Mine wasn’t bad - I only had one wisdom tooth. I got to keep mine, it’s in a little plastic treasure chest. I went back to work the morning after mine was removed, I suppose it would be worse if they have to cut them out, mine was a simple yank - there it is.

All four of mine are gonna be removed, and my dentist started laughing when I asked him if he was gonna do them all in one go. “You wouldn’t survive four in one sitting”, he smirked. Supposedly, it’s going to be two sessions, at least 2 weeks apart. Yikes.

My first experience with the wrench was actually a breeze. Out came the teeth (2), and I managed to go to a party the very same night. Most recently, I had one removed while under IV sedation, due to the difficulty of the procedure. Let me tell you, IV Valium and Versed is the only way to go. I woke up and said, “when are we gonna get started here?”. The main thing to be careful of is dry socket. So change your gauze and do your rinsing, and for God’s sake do NOT use a straw for drinking. Dry socket hurts like the devil, and even pain pills won’t help you at that point.

Be brave, little one.

They took out all four of mine. The first tooth was out before I even knew it. I thought he was doing preliminary work, then he started on the second one, and I thought he’d done both teeth on the right side. Then I caught on.

I think the key for me was to ignore what they were doing in my mouth, to concentrate on my music. I needed more distracting music, though. Classical doesn’t cut it.

My mouth doesn’t hurt a lot. It’s just a dull ache… but it hurts when I open my mouth wide. The painkiller has made me a little unbalanced, but the bleeding has stopped, I think. Do I still need the gauze?

Oh man. I had mine out a couple weeks ago, and had a baaad time with it. I had a dry socket, and I didn’t think that was what it was, but OHHHHH it was. I was just staying so well medicated that I thought I was in a normal amount of pain. Until the medication wore off. Then I was DAMN sure.

The dentist said he’d never seen one that looked quite like that… not sure if he meant it was the worst or just something weird. Apparently that tooth had been impacted some weird way and they had to take out a chunk of jaw to get it. Yipes. The gas was rather fantastic though. I didn’t give a crap about what they were doing until afterward. Good stuff, that.


rubes - been there, done that (except it was all 4 wisdom teeth!) – I’ll second Jester on the swollen cheeks & the pretty green & purple bruises - just what an already self-conscious 13-year-old needed… :slight_smile: