Ow Ow Ow OR Sympathy

I just got home from the dentist where I had my wisdom teeth pulled. All 4 of them. They didn’t come out very easlily either. My face and mouth are still pretty numb right now, but I’m sure it will hurt in a little bit. Since my family won’t give me any sympathy, I’m looking towards you, the fellow dopers. So c’mon, how bout some sympathy for me? You dopers are my last resort, so whaddya say? :frowning:

Ewww. Here’s TONNES o’ sympathy for you.

I got mine out a few years ago, and it was really sucky. They were all impacted and it took over 3 hours under a general anaesthetic.


At least you have an excuse to eat nothing but icecream for a week.

Take care.

Thanks for the quick reply alice_in_wonderland

Apperantly mine were pretty bad, because it took the dentist about 45 minutes per tooth. He actually broke 2 of them in half, or so I would think. I heard cracking, saw him take a piece out, and then another piece.
End of TMI

I’m actually feeling pretty good right now, but I’m a little bit worried about when the numbness wears off. Pain Pills to the rescue!!

Yup, you got my sympathy. I had all three (?) of my wisdom teeth out a couple of years ago. Much discomfort. Did you at least get to take home any goofy-pills?

I was about to start an “ow” thread myself. For some reason, my back and upper arms are quite sore today, and I have no one around to do anything about it.

Oh God, that’s one of my worst memories. I really wish you well there, pal. I also hope that your pain pills don’t make you nauseated like mine did.

I still have yet to get my wisdom teeth out, and I am scared. I’ve never really been under anesthetic sleep, but I hear its not as pleasant as it sounds.

Newbie, you have my sympathies, and also props to you for getting it done in the first place!


All 4 at once? That deserves the biggest of all sympathy votes. I had mine out in 4 goes - two bad & two bearable. The thing that bugs me is that for one of the bad ones, I remember the dentist virtually lying on top of me, and he was PUSHING the thing upwards, rather than pulling it out.

I hesitate to try and make you smile at this point, but at least you appear to have escaped with your dignity intact. When I had a couple of teeth removed to make room in my overcrowded mouth, I had a general anasthetic and came round walking down the corridor and telling my dentist how gorgeous he was. I may have only been 17 at the time, but I can still blush when I think of it…

I just got mine out a few months ago. While they were apparently easy, by the time the last one was coming out, the freezing had all but worn off. I feel your pain. I liked the happy pills, though… :smiley:

You guys are going to get a lot of quick responses tonight because I can’t really do anything else. Maybe I can hit the big 100 posts tonight?

I would assume that everyone has 4 wisdom teeth, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. I don’t think they would just pull 3 and leave one of them in. Maybe I’m wrong…

I hope not too! I’ve never had vicodin before, but from what I hear, they’re REALLY happy pills. I’ll let ya know how it goes :wink:

Had mine out when I was a sophomore in college - all four of 'em.

In the hospital (doctor was worried about possible jaw paralysis, since all four were impacted). I stayed in the pediatric ward since the regular beds were filled (19 yo in with a bunch of 6 yos.

One of them (the teeth, not the 6 yos) broke apart way down deep (long root), and it took a week for it to work its way to the surface. Felt like a popcorn kernal stuck to just where I could not reach it.

Kind of cool, actually, since the broken part looked like an animal jawbone, so my sister (the creative one) taped it to one of her old Ken dolls, dressed it in a tunic and a little wig: voila! Sampson and the jawbone of an ass!

But indeed, you have my sympathies.

I requested not to be put asleep via anesthetic. For some reason, I was interested in how they would do it. It’s really not a bad experience at all. Just when it starts to hurt, ask them for a few more shots in the mouth :wink:

On a side note, my family just ordered pizza. If I could, I would grrr at them because they know it’s my favorite food. And there’s no way that I’m gunna chew any pizza tonight. I know I’m whining, but ohwell

Thanks for all the replies guys, this is my first ‘successful’ thread ever! I hope I don’t have to get any more teeth pulled for my next one…

Had mine out as a sophomore in college too. All four at once, had little to no swelling, didn’t take a pain reliever afterwards, and I was on solid food, chewed very slowly and very well, the next day…so I say it wasn’t that bad.

But then, I had two root canals last week. In one day. That I didn’t expect. They were far better than the one I had two years ago, when I wasn’t numb before he started drilling/grinding.

Well, seeing as how yoose-guys are dishing…

When I had mine out, the dentist cut my face with the knife, which I am totally delighted about. (I still have a 1/2 inch scar). He also left some stupid flap of tissue attached, so it flipped over my back molar. He didn’t answer any of my pages, so eventually, I cut the flap out with dirty kitchen scissors. It didn’t hurt much, but it bled, ALOT. My boyfriend at the time was horrified, but I had a rubin for dinner, so I was not. :slight_smile:

I only had 2 and they came out rather easily, but anything involving pointy, sharp stuff used around the mouth by someone in a mask is NO FUN!! I’m sending scads of sympathy your way, and just for you, I ate a bowl of ice cream!! A big bowl! See how much I care?!?!?


Hope ya feel better soon!

Ahh yes…the wonders of vicodin. For a while there my mouth wouldn’t stop bleeing, and I was in quite a bit of pain. Now I’m feeeling pretty good. I even managed to eat some soup! If you’re all lucky, tomorrow I’ll take a digital pic of the actual teeth :rolleyes:

I had all 4 done at the same time, and when I came too, I was telling my dentist how cute ChristmasEve’s dentist was…Actually, I had a bunch of locals and was awake for it. The tremendous CRACK!!! that echos through your skull when the teeth are pulled from the bone is a fun sound…

I had all three of mine taken out at once. I only had three; I don’t know where the fourth one was, it didn’t even show up in the X-rays. I insisted that I be put completely out; no “local anesthetic” for me. When I woke up, 3/4 of my mouth was inoperable, and I could barely talk. It was horrible not being to eat hardly anything at all. And add my intolerance for pain medicine to that equation (I get dizzy and nauseous, which I hate) - misery all around.

At least you and I will never have to go through the whole thing again.

Ack. I know how that was. I came out of being under crying, had enough novocane to numb a horse, and couldn’t operate my jaw well enough to swallow a vanilla shake. I was 14 at the time. They gave me percoset. I didn’t appreciate it then; I was “straight-edge” and wouldn’t take them. My mom later admitted to hiding it in my ice cream, because I looked so miserable. Thanks, mom…

Anyway, it’ll heal pretty quickly. :slight_smile: Feel better.

You have my sympathy too. I had mine out a million years ago, but I still remember what it was like.

I was going to tell you to demand percoset if they’d given you anything wimpier, but vicodin will do you nicely, I’m sure. I had percoset, and I have pages of notes I took in college during the week I was taking it, all of which are written very neatly in a handwriting unlike my usual one, and none of which make any sense at all.

Yuck. I just recently got over a week-long tooth struggle (mine was abcessed and badly in need of a root canal - they ended up pulling it out). Oh my God, tooth pain is the worst! Anyway, hopefully you’ll feel better soon. In the meantime, you should probably stay away from performing oral sex. I know, it sucks. :wink: