Help Choosing Charities (anti Trump)

I already posted in Cafe Society, with no responses, so thought I could ask in a slightly different way.

I’m looking for donation suggestions before the end of the year. While I usually give to animal charities, this year I want my (rather limited) funds to also go to more socially responsible causes. To be blunt, I want to counteract any Trump-related laws and appointments.

Samantha Bee had a list of vetted charities on her show a few weeks ago, but I can’t find her list anywhere. I’ve already given to Planned Parenthood, the International Rescue Committee (aid to Syrian refugees), and WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

What’s your favorite charity? And, if anyone can find Samantha Bee’s list, I’d be eternally grateful.


I gave extra to the ACLU last week.

Not exactly charities, but I’ve been trying to decide between NOW and NARAL. I’m leaning NOW.

Charities per se, I’d aim low and local, like county homeless relief or Wounded Warrior project, or maybe the Humane Society.

Or environmental charities, of course.

Planned Parenthood
World Wildlife Fund
Human Rights Campaign

Note many large national charities take a BIG chunk out of donations for administration. It makes me sick where some of that money goes.

Anyway many small local charities - local churches or church run shelters / assistance programs give 100% of donations to the needy. I prefer to donate to these.

Salvation Army is a good one too.

Also I met a lady a few years ago who did not have an extra $5. I am serious. She had to choose between spending money on her heating or her medications. Didn’t have enough for both.

With that said, you may be able to contact a local pharmacy or energy assistance program and see if they know of someone in that situation. Then find some way to pay for a prescription for the person or pay part of their heating bill. (Never give anyone cash.)

And some fire departments or police departments have “giving Christmas tree” programs where kids will place cards on the tree for things they want for Christmas. Reading those cards will break your heart! Some want shoes, or socks, or just a T-Shirt!

The police or firemen may know of a needy family.

Shriners Hospitals for Children

If you’re unsure whether you can trust a charity, there are dozens of websites you can visit to check on their stats.

Here’s one (I’m not endorsing this specific site, they were simply the top Google hit):

John Oliver had a list on his last show of 2016:
Planned Parenthood
Center for Reproductive Rights
Natural Resources Defense Council
International Refugee Assistance Project
NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Trevor Project
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Thank you!!! Why did I think it was Samantha Bee?

And, thanks to everyone else for their suggestions - many I had forgotten about (especially the ACLU).

Please, keep them coming.

How aboutNARF?

Planned Parenthood. I used to donate directly to abortion clinics, but they’ve all been forced to close within 300 miles of here. Shelters for homeless/abused women are good, too.

I wanted to thank everyone for their help and suggestions. There were so many good ideas I went a little overboard with my donations, but they’re all for such worthy causes I can’t complain.
I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year.


This thread I started after the election generated a bunch of ideas.

Quoted for the reinforcement of the validity and importance of this suggestion.

…And Wallet, can I tell you? You have an awesome username for someone who is looking for charities to donate to!

Also, that supports open source in-depth investigative journalism, often in conjunction with respected news outlets. In an era when newspapers are being purchased by media conglomerates seeking to use news outlets to promote entertainment or product promotion via so-called “native advertising”, and propaganda machines funded by political thinktanks masquerading as “independent media”, a purely journalistically-funded source of objective reporting is critical to understanding what and who is behind the headlines, especially one that isn’t cutting stories down to sound bites and pressuring journalist to spend their time on self-promotional social media instead of doing investigation work.


ACLU and PP were the groups that started my thread

Thank you for putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak, and Happy New Year to you!