Help! Coupon clipping and organization tips requested

I need help from the more organized out there. Every week I am totally barraged with coupons, but I always lose them, or find myself forced to buy a coupon item but at full price because I left the coupon at home and I cant wait to make a second trip.

Or I just totally forget I have the coupon until a year later when I’m going through my files and find it- expired months ago of course!

HELP!!! I need tips. I’ve tried keeping them in a file, in my car, in my Franklin Planner, all to no avail.

Glad to know I’m not the only one in this situation!

I tend to keep the coupons that I know I want to use in my wallet.

I sort them by date and put them in plain white envelopes with the expiration month pencilled on the front. Helps me keep track of the ones that are about to expire.

FWIW, I only use coupons for things already on my list. Just before going on the Grocery Death March, I go through the list and match up coupons, then pop list and all into another plain envelope in my purse. If I have more than one coupon for an item, i.e. different brands, then I clip 'em together and figure out the best deal at the store, then toss the ones I don’t need.

Not perfect, but it works okay for me. Helps keep them organized–especially helps at checkout!–and keeps me from insane, impulse purchases.


I made an accordian file just folding a couple of strips of paper into a fan.

Then I wrote down on each partition which aisle of the market it was, frozen, canned fruit, soaps, etc.

Now my coupons are quickly sorted by aisle, so I never have to dig through a random pile while standing there.

Since doing that, my coupons get used and never discarded for age.