How to stay on top of coupons?

I clip them, then forget where I put them, or forget to bring them to the store, or - my personal favorite - bring them with me and even get the item … but forget to present the coupon at the checkout.

How do all y’all keep track of coupons? Any practical suggestions?

I only use on-line coupons from one of my primary grocery stores and I’m not anal about keeping them 100% up to date. That way they are automatically taken off at check-out. Otherwise I would be one of those coupon people whom I want to kill when they are ahead of me in line.

We keep our coupons in an envelope in a kitchen drawer. The dates for the coupons about to be used are checked just before going to the store. When we add new ones, they just get put at the back/bottom of the pile - if some are short-dated it’s not worth the effort to continuously sort them.

Buy I *have * forgotten to present them at checkout a few times. Nothing you can do about that :slight_smile:

I think it’s important to remember that coupons are an extra savings(I seldom buy anthing that’s not on sale) and not to get worried about missing out.

I keep them in an actual Coupon-Pac in my purse. Most of them expire before I can use them, but at least I always have them with me when I go shopping.

We use the envelopes that come in all the pleas for money that we throw the rest of away.

The back of one envelope has the week’s grocery list. The other envelope contains the coupons. The two are paper clipped together. The list gets a © if a coupon is to be used and the coupon gets moved into the list envelope. That makes it hard to miss and primes the memory for its use.

With coupons from the supermarket’s app predominating, the coupon envelope is pretty light these days. But the Sunday paper still has the inserts and a few bucks a week adds up over the course of a year, good RoI for five minutes work a week.

No advice on how to remember redeeming them. Just make the effort is what I do. Works most of the time.

I don’t use a lot of coupons anymore, but there are a few that are in the Sunday flyers that I do cut out - $3 off my hair dye is one that I always use. I keep coupons in an envelope in my purse. I look through them before I go shopping, pull the ones I’m going to use, and tuck them in with my debit card. That way I see them when I go to pay.

I don’t often use paper coupons anymore, but when I have one I want to use I always stick it behind my shopping list. As long as I remember my shopping list, I’ll remember the coupon.

There are almost no useful coupons in the Sunday paper these days. We shop Friday and every Thursday I go to the grocery website and download coupons. They are adaptive and there are often good deals on stuff I actually buy. Another plus is that if I forget I can add them using their app right in the store.

I make coupon boxes for Mrs. FtG. A 5x3 type plastic box with labeled dividers. (Canned, frozen, etc.) The plural is because sometimes it’ll get left in the cart or something.

She clips them out, puts them in the apporpriate category. Once she has a grocery list she searches for suitable coupons and puts them in the front of the box. If we decide to by something not on the list she checks the box. On the way to check out she pulls the ones she actually uses.

(Of course with “digital” coupons there’s less of these being used. E.g., last week she used zero paper coupons.)

Once in a while she goes thru and pulls the expired ones.

I decided about 20 years ago that the time I spent trying to keep track of coupons wasn’t worth the savings. I haven’t found any reason to reconsider.

Other people may come up with a different answer, but that’s really the key question: is the money saved worth the time and hassle?

Stuff them between your mattress and your fitted sheet.