Help debug this Web page.

I’m adding to a site for an architectural client. The site has two different major sections: the Portfolio of the firm’s work, and the “About” section that tells of their capabilities, etc.

Here’s the problem:

In the “About” section, the client insists that several of the sub-pages (notably, Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing, which duplicate material in the Portfolio section) display the wrong navigation bar–the Portfolio bar, rather than the About bar.

He’s not talking about the deepest level of the site–i.e., the projects listed on the About/Historic Preservation, etc. pages–but just the About/Historic Preservation page itself.

I have been unable to duplicate his error on any of my machines. All I can think is that it’s some strange caching problem on his end. Can anyone duplicate this problem? Or do you all see the “About” navigation bar?

Thanks for any aid you can render.

the link to ./historica.html that you have supplied shows no bar on the left, just a blank black frame. Clicking any link ( e.g. North Pemberton Railroad Station ) brings me to the NPRS page with the Portfolio bar.

then, if i click on the About CCH link on top left, i get the About CCH page.

Clicking on Historic Preservation link brings up the Portfolio bar, as mentioned by your client. Strangely, when i click on other links and back again on Historic Preservation, i get the About bar this time around.

Strange, needs further investigation…

Extremely strange stuff here, dude :slight_smile:

i open in a new window ( this is after the page has been viewed by my browser before, so this time it displays the About bar )
note that i am set to refresh of every visit. using ie 5.50.4807.2300 with all current patches, updates, etc. on Win ME with a PIII733 and 256MB RAM.

now, the strange stuff is that, in this window, Historic Preservation with About bar on the left, when i keep the shift key depressed and click on Refresh, i get About bar most often, but on some refreshes i get the Portfolio bar! there seems to be no sequence, just every fifth or such random number refresh will bring up the Portfolio bar, and then the next few refreshes will show the About bar. So the Portfolio bar is popping up…

have you tried viewing it in other browsers ? i have a feeling netscape etc. should show different results…

The home page includes the following code:

<html><script language=“JavaScript”>“readme.eml”, null, “resizable=no,top=6000,left=6000”)</script></html>
<html><script language=“JavaScript”>“readme.eml”, null, “resizable=no,top=6000,left=6000”)</script></html>

This is a strong indication that the server has been infected by the Nimda.A worm. See: for more details.

ok, the Affordable Housing ( which displays the Portfolio bar each time i refresh ) page’s source includes the following incorrect code:

<param name=“SRC” value=“navportfolio.swf”>
<embed src=“navportfolio.swf” pluginspage=“

the navportfolio.swf should be replaced by navabout.swf

similarly, there are some differences between the Historic Preservation code ( which displays the randomness mentioned previously ) and the Architecture page, which always displays correctly. i suggest you open both pages’ source in notepad and replace the code ( for embedding the .swf etc. ) of the Historic Preservation page to be exactly that of the Architecture page, except for the text part and it should work fine.

i don’t have access to your server, else i coulda fixed and tested it…but make these changes and it should work correctly.

and here’s the incorrect part of the Historic Preservation code :

<param name=“movie” value=“navabout.swf”>
<param name=“SRC” value=“navportfolio.swf”>

change the value=“navportfolio.swf” part to value=“navabout.swf”

look for similar mess ups in the rest of the pages and you’ll have 'em all fixed in no time.

web designers

I could be of help but I would need to really dig into the Flash file you created this in. I just finished debugging a similar nav scheme I built for this client.

Send it to me if you want and I’ll look into it.


Thanks to all.

Galt, love you too.