Please help me resolve this strange browser problem, in both IE and Firefox

I cannot proceed to any “comments” pages on the Ottawa Sun site other than the first page, using two browsers. This happens at work, but not at home.

For example, see this story. Click next on the “comments” tab. When I click on the “Next” button, or on page 2, I get returned to the main story page, and not subsequent comments, even though the URL has changed to what appears to be the correct URL: namely

What’s up with that?

It’s been like this forever. OK, I’ve only been working here for 6 months, but it’s always been this way, using both IE and Firefox.

You say that works from home?
I can’t get it to work here either… What browser versions are you using?

It seems the ‘next’ and ‘pageno’ links are formed very differently from the ‘comments’ link on the main story page.

I don’t know that it’s a browser issue so much as a network issue, since it’s both browsers and only at work.

I would suspect the URLs are getting trapped by some network-level URL scanner that doesn’t like the way the site uses anchor tags.

If you’re friendly with the IT department at work, you can ask them to check their logs and see what’s up.

Works fine for me. Firefox 3.6.3

Same here, and I’m using IE8.

The IT department is in another city. I don’t think I’ll be asking them why I can’t browse news story comments!

Thanks for the responses so far. It seems Khendrask also has the problem.

ETA: Firefox 3.6.3: IE 7.0 blahblahblah

The fact that the URL is changing may signal part of the problem. On my Firefox, the URL bar remains the same. This doesn’t surprise me, as I see the same thing on, say, Facebook, where only part of the page updates.

This suggests the problem is with Flash to me.

Tomorrow, I’ll try reinstalling Flash then.