Problems with clicking on links again

Ok, it’s doing it again. I’m in this thread:

and while the links in the OP go to photobucket if I mouse over them, when I click on them, I get links like:

with firefox letting me know “The requested URL /sdmb/3 was not found on this server.”

I have been getting that too for the last couple weeks or so. Simply backing up and trying link again seems to work, though.
On side note, having problems with threads loading completely. Like this one right now, won’t finish loading, or at least, that is, spinning icon indicates that it isn’t finishing. (Firefox)

I’ve been getting that bug lately, too. Usually, it takes a couple of bad clicks before it gets it right, with each bad click having a different number in the URL. I’m guessing that it’s related to the link referral system that the SDMB is using.

I couldn’t reproduce this on Firefox 4.0, despite logging out, turning off Adblock, and disabling NoScript. Before there were links that always didn’t work. Have any of those showed up?

The last couple of weeks I’ve had to click on a link several times before the right URL comes up. If it’s not the right URL then it is always this one,

with a whole bunch of gobbledy-URL-gook after the “=” that I don’t understand. It’s not everytime I click a link but about half. I don’t know if it’s just my set-up or what but I thought I report it in case it is happening to anyone else.

I use IE 7.

I have reported this issue.

Just for another data point, I DID run into these issues yesterday on FF4. I will try again this afternoon with the aforementioned ad-ons disabled and report back.

Thank you TubaDiva.

Has happened intermittently for me with Firefox. I can work around it by right clicking the link and opening in a new tab.