Help determining the brand of a watch?

I was given a watch by a friend of mine for a birthday. I recieved it in a plain white box, with just the watch inside. I know everyone makes a big deal about watches, so I looked for any name on the watch and it’s not labeled. On the back of it, it says

Base metal bezel
Battery 377
Japan Movt
Stainless steel back

Those are the only words anywhere on the watch, the face is a light blue and then a bit of a darker blue, and 4 of the pieces of the strap have little crystal looking things, I know they’re not diamonds, maybe swarovski crystals? Other than that, there’s no information on it. I tried searching google, but I couldn’t find anything. The only reason I really want to know the brand is because the clasp is becoming lose and opens randomly, and I’d feel bad if I asked the person who gave it to me where it came from because it’s broken =/.

Sounds like it doesn’t HAVE a brand. The brand is the mark they put on it to identify the maker, like branding cattle. I guess you want to know the maker?

Probably a Merona watch, sold by Target.

I already checked target, kohls, walmart, Macy’s, lord and Taylor… No luck! :frowning:


Last summer I visited a tourist trap town and one of the stores was called $10 Watches. Hundreds of no brand watch for only $10 each. Perhaps it came from some place like that.