Help Finding a Curling Iron That Won’t Break the Bank, Please?

I haven’t bought a curling iron in a million years. I’m looking for a 2 inch barrel. I know this won’t give me big bouncy curls, as I have hair that’s around 28 inches it will do what I want.

I’m a bit lost though. Is ceramic still the kind to look for? Is there a better kind? The last one I has was by Revlon and was lovely, but as it was some time ago I’m not sure it’s what is still considered best for the hair (it was ceramic) or if they even make it. I came across one that looked ok, but a reviewer said that it shocked her. Next! Also, other reviewers said it didn’t last very long.

I appreciate any help!

You could just do a search at Amazon and read the reviews.

2 inch barrel can be hard to find. I think the largest I’ve seen is 1 and a half.
Also, they don’t get as hot as they used to. I swear when I was using one in the 70’s you could use it to fry bacon (in little curls), now it’s all ‘safety’.

I have a Conair that gets pretty damn hot. Get a ceramic one. I have no idea of they come in 2-inch barrels though.

I’ve had it quite a while (5 years?) and use it daily. I think I got it at Target for around $20.

I think you can safely skip all the tourmaline ones that do… some… magical… woo… thing to your hair.