Help finding a Fleetwood mac song (i think)

There’s a song I heard on the radio the other day that I’m pretty sure was done by Stevie Nicks. It was a break-up song of sorts where she (as the singer) asks something like, “will you ever get over her?”.

Sorry to be so vague. Anybody have any ideas?

I tried looking through Fleetwood mac & Stevie Nicks lyrics but I couldn’t find anything.

The lyric sort of sounds like “Rhiannon.”

Actually, that sounds more like “Thrown Down,” off of Say You Will. Was it minimally orchestrated? With a melody on a plucked guitar?

*Oh, thrown down… like a barricade
Maybe now he could prove to her
That he could be good for her
And they should be together
About just how much he never really told her…
Thrown down…
About how difficult it had been to be without her…
Thrown down… *

Rhiannon was my first thought, too.

But the closest any line comes in the lyrics is “will you ever win.” And the song is about not getting the woman, not about getting over her.

Nothing else seems to be right, though. And the “will you ever” fragment is one of the most famous lines in rock, so maybe…

Could it be [url=“” Golddust Woman?

Did she make you cry
Make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love
Is it over now–do you know how
Pick up the pieces and go home.

Screwed up my coding above, but you can listen to a sample of Gold Dust Womanhere.

It IS Gold dust woman .

Thanks for your help guys. And thanks Astroboy .