Help finding a passage in the Aeneid

Simple question: At some point in The Aeneid, there’s a passage where Aeneas’ ships are leaving somewhere. Virgil describes how it seems as if the land is moving away from them, rather than them moving away from the land. A friend of mine wants to just mention this in a paper she’s writing.

Anyone have any clues as to where this would be within the text?

Here is the (presumably) complete text. I couldn’t find any such passage in a quick skim of the text, but I could easily have missed it. I post this here so that hopefully someone can find it for you.

What you describe sounds vaguely familiar NinjaChick, but I can’t immediately point to a specific reference in the text. I’d have to sit down and have a good look. What does come to mind though is the opening scene of Book 5, where Aeneas et al have just left Carthage after Dido’s suicide and Aeneas looks back and sees the flames of her funeral pyre in the distance.

Ah, I found it, I think. It’s not (apparently) universally translated this way, but there’s a passage around line 72 of book three that seems to fit.