Help finding a song

Yesterday I was in Safeway when I think I heard a song I would like. My phone couldn’t recognize it nor can I find the lyrics song the Google. From memory they go:

Find me take me away give be done clarity Find me here on my own and show me where I should go.

It’s sung by a young woman accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

Can’t help you but it seems you’re not alone in trying to find the lyrics to this song! I found three other people online looking for the same approximate lyrics, all of whom said that they (or someone they know) heard the song in Walgreens or a grocery store.

That’s why I came here: I tried googling but nothing. It does make new feel better about myself. I’m not just inept.

The song is called “Clarity” by Amy Conrad.

My wife found it by emailing the company that provides the soundtrack to the store.