Help finding some creepy Russian drowning dog experiment footage?

…no, not “Experiments in the Revival of Organisms” (aka the "Soviet severed dog’s head on life support). Though for all I know, it might have been by the same researcher.

The film I’m actually looking for was something I saw briefly on some History or Discovery channel documentary (who’s title and subject I can’t remember) in the last couple of years, featuring a dog rendered clinically dead—via drowning, as seen in profile through the side of the fish tank they’d lowered the poor thing into—and resuscitated, with no ill effects. (Assuming that it was really the same dog they filmed, later)

I’d just like to know if that video is available anywhere online, and/or the reassurance that I didn’t imagine the whole bloody thing.

I think the original documentary I saw it in might have been about suspended animation, but I’m not sure. Can anyone help?

No luck on the footage, but here is the paper:

Not quite: “Resuscitated dogs remained alive from 3 to 72 h and died from pulmonary edema”

A quick Google returned, among lots of videos of the separated dog head experiment, this, which is entitled ‘S. Bryukhonenko - resuscitation of dead dogs’. Bryukhonenko is the scientist referred to in the paper posted by coremelt.

The video may or may not include footage of drowning/ drowned dogs - I only looked at the first minute or so.

I checked—not it.

Though it has some other neat grisly stuff, as it turns out—you know the only thing creepier than equipment used to keep a severed head alive? Seeing the same equipment in a dark, dusty museum storeroom, lit only by flashlights.

It’s fiction, but you might be interested to know that one of the protagonists of Richard Adams’ The Plague Dogs is a survivor of this sort of experiment.