Help finding this game!

Once this has been answered, feel free to post your own “I can’t remember what that was called” games:
The game I am trying to find was an economic sim-type game. I believe the initial story-line was that you had just graduated with your MBA degree and had been put in charge of a company. You could run products from factories, and were tasked with finding the right stores to sell your product, finding cheaper factory inputs, etc. Basically you ran the entire production line from base goods like sugar, all the way to selling the candy bars in stores.

It had a top-down view similiar to sim-city, and I’d say it was made maybe in the early 2000’s. It was a bit too complicated for me when it was released, but I’d like to give it another go now. Anyone?

Capitalism II? Business sim from 2001, top down view, kinda complicated.

Bingo! thanks

I vaguely remember a game I used to play a lot in the 90s, on one of the fairly early consoles, not sure which one but I think it was a Japanese company that made it. It was probably best described as a “platform” game, it was mainly running and jumping. You had to avoid various weird-shaped enemies along the way, some of which you could jump on and kill, but some you couldn’t. I think gold stars came into it somewhere, and maybe blocks. The thing I remember most clearly was that the character you control was an Italian plumber, but I can’t remember what it was called. Any suggestions?

Mario something? There’s been a lot…you’ll have to be more specific.

Dead Cat, I think you just described every Japanese platformer ever created.

Hmm, I had a feeling that this was a rather unfair whoosh - sorry about that :). Just trying to have a bit of fun after the OP was answered.

Does anyone know what I’m supposed to swing without hitting something there are a lot of?