Help finding two books!!

Hi, I’m looking for two books. The first I think was a Harlequin Temptation and is about a hero who is a paediatrician and the heroine is an electrician (I think her name was Autumn). The first time they meet, she comes to his house to fix his lamp. He’s interested in her but she’s not. He keeps calling her company to request her services. They finally go out. In the end, she gets hurt whilst on a job and he nurses her back to health. She has two married sisters (April?). She drives the guy away and eventually has to fight to get him back.

The second book is a historical romance. Its about a beautiful woman who nurses a man in prison back to health and they fall in love. They marry before he returns to war. Whilst he’s at war, she is forced to be mistress to an evil nobleman who rapes her repeatedly. Her husband comes back from war and is angry to find his wife with another man. He takes her back to his home, and on the way, she miscarries her tormentors baby. When they get home there is tension because he believes shes promiscuous and although she is attracted to him, she still has the scars of being raped that cause her to withdraw. Things come to a ahaead and she runs away in order to kill the man who raped her. Meanwhile her maid tells her husband the truth. He goes after her, rescues her from bandits and they reconcile. Cant remember how it goes after that.