Help fix my recipe please....

Basically, it’s just a white trash version of Cordon Blue.
What I’d like to do is take a chicken breast, pound it out, throw a couple of slices of cheddar and some bacon on the breast. Then fold and close. (with tooth picks) Give it an egg coating and roll it in some panko crumbs.

Pan fry.

My question is: Should I precook the bacon? or throw it in there raw? Something else?

Also, what would be a good sauce for this dish?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I’d certainly precook the bacon, and would think the melted cheese would be saucy enough.

Either pre-cook the bacon or buy the pre-cooked kind, which would probably work well because it’s sliced so thin. Chop up the cheese a little so it’ll melt evenly.

Canned chicken gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans sauteed with some butter and hot sauce and garlic sounds good to me.

I am not a chef.
That said, I’m of the opinion that if you shove raw bacon into a chicken breast and pan fry it, you will end up with a piece of nicely fried chicken with a nasty lump of soggy, barely cooked bacon in it. Cook the bacon first.

As for sauce, I wouldn’t use one. You’re getting plenty of flavor from your chicken, cheese, and bacon. At the most I’d put a little salt, maybe a shake or two of Montreal chicken seasoning/ season salt/ chili powder/ garlic powder/ insert other spice here. And I mean maybe one or two of the above, not all of them.

I recently saw Cook’s Country/Illustrated well thought out take on chicken cordon bleu revisited, and they baked it. Which is also something I would suggest even if you are going to pan fry it. They also simply cut a pocket in the side of a chicken breast and added a ham and cheese roll-up instead of pounding out and rolling- I can see the same technique being used inversely for the bacon- a couple of slices of cooked bacon rolled or folded into a slice of swiss, then tucked into the pocket. You can simply substitute panko for the ritz and breadcrumbs in that recipe… might even save you some extra steps.

Missed the Edit window. I forgot you had bread crumbs. I’d maybe add a little Parmesan/Romano cheese to your crumbs. You don’t really need anything else.

Cilantro. You can never go wrong with cilantro.

FWIW, you always go wrong with cilantro. Tastes like soap. But otherwise, cook the bacon.

OK, here’s how I would approach it.

Season the chicken with salt, pepper, and paprika. Cut slits in the breasts, and stuff with various cheeses and possibly herbs (I hate pounding chicken.) Egg wash, breading, set aside.

Cook bacon in cast iron pan until about halfway done. Then lightly brown the chicken in the bacon grease.

Place half-done bacon on top of the chicken, bake until done.

Remove bacon/chicken from pan, deglaze pan with white wine and butter. Serve.

Well, if you want it TOTALLY white trash, don’t stuff it with cheddar. Instead, pour a scoop of nacho cheese over the finished chicken.

And yes, pre-cook the bacon.

Yeah, I saw "white trash version of … " and then went on to read a decidedly non-white-trash recipe. :smiley:

One more reason to cut pockets rather than pounding and rolling is that the toothpicks securing the meat might interfere with the frying process. (Of course, if you go ahead and bake the sucker, that’s probably a moot point.)

Also: think how easily white chicken meat dries out - you don’t want to put a chunk of raw pig meat in the center of that. Pre-cook that bacon!!

I might use American cheese as it melts better than cheddar. Definitely precook the bacon. I would also dredge in a flour, salt and pepper mix before the egg wash.