Help for the blind

Hope this forum is OK, was going to post this in GQ, but was too scared!
OK, I’m trying to help a colleague who is severely visually disabled.

The man, who is in his eighty’s is amazing! He still uses his computer, with software that enlarges the text up to 12 times or so, he then uses a magnifying glass against the screen to read each letter. He does cope incredibly well!

He is still very active, and one of his lifelong interests is photography. I have recently lent him my old digital camera so that he can play with it and realise all the advantages that digital photography can bring. Printing the results at A4 size enables him to see his pictures to an acceptable degree. He’s had it two days and loves it! The thing is can anybody recommend a digital camera for someone who is nearly blind.

The biggest problem he has is using the small buttons that are typically found on these cameras. Also a larger than normal monitor would be very helpful.

Any input or idea’s gratefully received. Thanx.

I’ve emailed a friend whose vision is about what you described that guy to be. Waiting to hear back from him.