Help! Girlfriend has bizarre skin condition...

About three years ago, my girlfriend developed a strange skin condition. She is Indian (from India) and has brown skin, but began to get sunburns, despite living in the non-tropical area of connecticut. I am quite white, but now she will burn in the sun much more quickly than I do. The burns then turn to rashes (red with itchy bumps like mosquito bites) and in some cases have left her skin slightly discolored. She burns (or whatever it is) even with sunscreen. It is very odd, because it has gotten to the point where (we’re on vacation now) we have to limit our exposure to the sun.

Dermitologists have been unable to help. Steroids have helped treat the skin, but are only a temporary solution.

The only correlation we have been able to think of is that around 3 years ago she started taking birth control.

Any ideas?

A quick Google search turned up this:
Drug Photosensitivity
Certain medications will sensitize your skin to the sun. Common drugs that may do this include: certain antibiotics; birth control pills; diuretics; antihistamines; antidepressants and many retinoids (such as Vitamin A acid). Three hundred drugs are known to cause photosensitive and photoallergic reactions.

I would recommend taking her to another doctor. Birth control pills are very well known for causing photosensitivity . I don’t think I would stick with a doctor, dermatologist or otherwise, who didn’t know that and first try changing birth control methods.

Find another dermatologist, who will take drugs and various environmental factors (i.e. makeup and other skin care products) into account in making a diagnosis and recommending treatment.

Medical advice is best obtained from medical professionals. While I see you have already consulted dermatologists, I would suggest you take the suggestions offered here and find another who will consider additional possibilities.

I’m going to close this thread.

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