Help!!! I have all this tahini!

I bought a jar of tahini for the sole purpose of making hummus. Well, the hummus is done, but I’m stuck with this GIANT (I’m serious, they didn’t have a smaller one) jar of tahini.:eek: There are no recipes on it, and everything I don’t have any decent cookbooks.

Does anyone know of something I can do with this tahini? Any good recipes?

I don’t know if you are familiar with the Epicurious website, but if you go there and put in “tahini” as your keyword and do a recipe search, you should find a bunch of recipes–when I did it, I found over 30 with tahini in the title.

It’s good on toast, for breakfast.

Google for halvah recipes, a splendid candy-like stuff made with tahini. Think peanut butter fudge, only tasting of sesame seeds.

(I have a recipe but it’s pretty bad, way too floury and not right. Just haven’t gotten around to looking up a better one.)



yeah, me too.
i made baba ghanoush and halva
(i used equal quantities of honey and tahini and just made it like fudge, seemed to work ok.)