Help! I Need An Excuse!

Man, I am so busted.

Almost two weeks ago I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand. The doctor and the aftercare nurse both told me UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE OFF THE DRESSING UNTIL YOU COME BACK IN!!!

I tried to wait, really I did. In fact, I actually made it through three days before I took the top layer off and had a peek. The tape covering the cut (which is fairly small since she used a scope) was caked in blood and looked pretty gruesome, in fact, it was downright cool!

A couple of days later I got brave, lost all willpower, and looked under the tape. DAING! Talk about freakin’ cool! The stitches are inside and the two ends that are hanging out are tied together. It looks really freaky!

Since then, I have changed the outside, self sticking wrap almost daily. I was able to buy a box with assorted colors so, as a girly-girl, I have been able to match them with my outfits each day.

A few days ago, the tape on the cut began to get really icky and wouldn’t stick anymore on account of me always peeling it off for a peeky. I put some new tape on but since I went back to work Monday, I have been showing it off to everyone and finally tossed the tape and just stuck with the wrap.

Today it hurts like a bitch. It is a little red like it may be getting infected from all the show and tell sessions I have been handing out for free. It is obvious that I “DIDN’T LEAVE THE DRESSING ON UNTIL I SAW THE DOC AGAIN”. I go to the doctor tomorrow and I know I am going to get spanked.

I need help. I need a really good excuse as to why I didn’t do what I was told.

Think hard.

Why did my bandage change colors, how did the tape manage to disappear, and why does my wrist look as if it has been out painting the town?

You got kids? Blame it on them. They spilled chocolate milk on it. You ripped it when you climbed that tree to save their kitten. They colored on it with markers while you were napping.
[sub]sometimes, having kids really is a good thing…[/sub]

Don’t try to tell us you’re not looking forward to it!

Ok, how about telling him that it accidentally got wet and it started to stink and itch really, really bad so you had to change it?

Nah, just go with the truth. You were a bad, bad girl because you just knew you’d get a spanking and you loooooove spankings. :smiley:

Jeg elsker dig, Thomas

The kids idea is a good one. They will or have blamed stuff on you, its an even deal.

It was feeling so normal you forgot about it and reached into a bucket full of (fill in the blank)/alge filled pool/whatever to pick up a dropped toy.

And I hear you about cool injuries/operations/whatnot. I amused myself with messing with the cut in my belly button from a surgery until the thought dawned on me that it wasn’t just a cut, it was an actual deep hole, and maybe I should just let me heal. But my car accident injuries? I ripped out a thumbnail. I have really long nails, but when it finally fell out it was huge! I gave it to one of my interesting religion friends. (One of them should eventually find a use for a large hunk of blood covered nail.)

Anyway, curiosity killed the cat, or at least got the wound infected. Ohhh! Blame it on the cat! Cats chew things…

She is pretty cute, but as hard as I try, I don’t think I could swing that way. :wink:

Great ideas! Especially about kids. I am seriously dreading this because they were both so VERY stern when they told me NOT to do it!

This would be a good thing if I had a secret fantasy about doctors and nurses in leather and whips, but since I don’t, I’m just scared. :eek: