Help ID a "Bet with the Devil" story

Hey all!

I had a flashback earlier today of a story about a wager with the devil. It was told as a 30 minute television program, but I have a vague memory of it being adapted from a short story. Here’s what I remember:

-The wager was for the person to go one year without bathing or grooming. If he washed or cleaned himself in any way, his soul was forfeit. If he made it a year, the devil would grant his wishes.

-After the protagonist was good and ripe, he met four (I think) sisters. Three of them were disgusted and shunned the man, but the fourth took pity and got to know him. When it was time for the hero to leave, he snapped a gold band in two and gave the friendly sister one half, telling her he’d come calling after he was on his feet again.

-The protagonist won the wager and his first wish was for the devil to get him cleaned and groomed again. Then came the usual requests for wealth and prosperity.

-The protagonist met with the nice sister again and upon joining the two halves of the ring, they got married.

-The tale ended with the devil telling the viewer that he always wins, no matter what. He said something to the effect of, “This one may have gotten away, but the the sisters all killed themselves for missing their chance. So you see, I got three for the price of one!”

Thanks in advance!

It’s called “The Bearskinner” and it’s by the Brothers Grimm. It was originally set in Europe but I’ve seen a short movie version of it that was set in the American south ca. antebellum era.

Online- this one is called Bearskin.

Awesomely fast replies. Thanks! :smiley:

ETA: Sampiro, that’s exactly the one I watched. It was set in the South.