Help ID a song

So I was looking at some sad pictures and a song I have been wanting to know for so long came back to mind.

Unfortunately all I can recall is the tune in the intro. I can’t remember the lyrics because the voice (female) in the song was very soft. The song sounded like a chant and brought an atmosphere of gloominess that is somewhat divine when I first heard it. I think it goes like this:

(sort of humming/chanting) den-den-den-denenenenen/denenenenen/denenenenen/ den-den-den-denenenenen/denenenenen-on the inside–

I think there’s the phrase ‘on the inside’ in the end of the intro. I’ve heard this song during a silent moment in a retreat. I may have heard it in a video showing some emotional pictures.

Sorry if the description is very vague. I could record myself humming the intro but I don’t want to embarrass myself. :smack: Hope you guys could help! :slight_smile:

Shot in the dark, but is this it? :

Nope. that’s not it.

Here is a short clip I made.

Sorry for the quality. Thanks.

Sounds a little like Danke Schoen to my ears.

Did you hear an altered cover version of the song I wonder?

Wayne Newton Version

Not this also. Thanks!

I really don’t have a guess, but was it this type of song? (Kind of a new agey easy listening.) That might help narrow it down.

The intro has lyrics and is not actually just a humming or a chant but its sounds like one. The clip I’ve added is just me trying to make the tune in the intro.

Curses, now you have me listening to I Can’t See New York (Tori Amos – no link, not your song, more chilling than sad).

Your clip sounds like Only Time by Enya to me.

Sorry, I don’t know how to post links…:confused:

That’s it! Thank you! :slight_smile:

It is not ‘–on the inside’ but ‘–only time’.:smack:

Wonderful song.

Only Time By Enya


The song is pretty but it brings back memories. At some point may years ago NBC used it to advertise one of its sitcoms, I want to say it was the Friends finale but that may not be it, an it song was everywhere for a few weeks. It was so maudlin and serious for a comedy show it was really really annoying. I haven’t thought of that in years but hearing it brought it all back.

“Only Time” had been out only a few weeks before 9/11. I had a sense that it would become the anthem, for lack of a better term, of 9/11, the way “What a Wonderful World” was the anthem for the first Gulf War. And indeed it did.