Help ID / Price Vintage Checkers Set

Recently while visiting friends I saw that they had on their shelves an old set of checkers in the original box.

The label tells me that they were “One-inch Sanitary Checkers” manufactured by the G.H. Harris Company of Brooklyn NY. They were White and Green rather than Red and Black (the box was stamped to indicate this, the original printing indicated red and black) and instead of a crown on the obverse they had a swastika (“proper” widdershins orientation and all).

I guess they date back to the 1920s or early 30s, when a swastika was still a neutral decorative element.

I can find nothing about them in my exhaustive five-minute Googling frenzy, so I am turning to the Dopers. Does anyone know when they were made, and how much might they be worth to a toy collector?

Thank you.

Well, the 1920’s did see a huge number of references to “sanitary” consumer products, even cigars. I find the designation of checkers as “sanitary” almost laughable, but I’d say you’re right on the money in guessing that the set comes from the 1920s.

What condition is everything in? Please be specific. Are the corners of the box frayed? How faded are the box and board? Has anything been repaired with scotch tape?

What materials is the set made out of? Is the board wooden or cardboard? What are the checkers made out of? Wood? Celluloid? Bakelite?

In any event, as a sometime antique and toy dealer my estimate is between $5 and $20. From what you’ve said, the set doesn’t have any themes or design elements linking it to a particular time. It isn’t elaborate or detailed. There is no link to a desirable character, theme, person, or event. Assuming average wear, it’s probably worth $8 or so.