Help ID these sores that'll probably kill me

The first is on my left cheek, near sideburn. The second is on my left shoulder blade. Ive had them since at least 2006. Sometimes they get worse and sometimes they improve. Typically crusty and will bleed if scratched

Apparently I can’t post attachments yet. If anyone wants to play name the carcinoma, lemme know and I’ll send you the pics to post.

You really need to see a real life doctor about something like that.


Here’s the pics on another forum

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Who are you going to trust, someone who’s trained for years and knows what they’re looking at, or a bunch of random people on the internet? And what would you do with the random people’s opinions? Who would you turn to for treatment? See your doctor.

You’ve had this condition for 12 years without consulting a Doctor?

Yeah, that should be your first step. Maybe don’t wait any longer, just sayin’!

Don’t really care if they’re canerous, benign, malignant, whatever. They’re toward the bottom of my list of ‘shit-to-give-a-fuck-about.’ I was just wondering if, from the shitty grainy pictures, someone could say, “yeah, my aunt had that. You’re fucking good as dead, dude.”

That is a fungal infection commonly known as ringworm.

Next time you are at the store pick up some Lotrimin. It is sold over the counter. Follow instructions.

Also get dandruff shampoo with Selenium in it and wash those places with it daily. If it’s fungal it won’t kill you but it can make you miserable. One dose of Diflucan from the doctor will help it. Beware as IANAD. Use my advice at your own risk.

I think it’s not ringworm but might be psoriasis.

It doesn’t look like end stage yet. You probably have time to go to a doctor, or collect more free advice on the Web.


Lupus. You may be the first person to actually have it.

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Get ye to a dermatologist. My friend had patches on her shoulder that didn’t heal over a decade or so. They ended up being basal cell carcinoma that had metastasized to her hip. Caught and treated early, it’s a very easy treatment.

Not saying that this is what you have. But I am saying that you should get it checked out asap.


Egg Zachary what I was shooting for. Brain rot!

You should have seen a doctor about this 12 years ago. Just sayin’.

I don’t think he cares much. Really.

There ain’t no doubt about that.


IMHO it’s definitely not ringworm.

It has some features that make me think of both basal and squamous cell carcinoma as possibilities I’d want to rule out right off the bat. Basal cell is more likely in my mind, since this has been fulminating for over a decade.

A biopsy would be my recommendation. A dermatologist can do it right in the office; so can a well-trained primary care doc.

Is it possible to have both squamous and basal cell cancer at the same time in the same spot?

If so, would a trifecta with melanoma be possible?