Med advice, you are not my doc, I have an upcoming appointment....

You are not my doctor, I have a derm specialist appointment early next month. :wink:

But in the meantime, I have a long history of skin cancers, BSC’s and squamous cell to be precise. When a new one has been around for a bit too long, I get them either frozen or chopped out as necessary.

A few months back I noticed a very small lesion (2mm) on my neck at the end of a scar where a larger bsc had been removed some years ago (maybe 15?). I didn’t take too much notice at first, but over the last couple of months it has become increasingly annoying and painful.

None of my previous cancers have been actually painful, but this one burns, stings and oft times wakes me up at night if I accidentally knock it or the bedclothes come into contact. Sometimes during the day it will just decide to get all hurty by itself for no apparent reason! Bastid of a thing, especially so because I can barely even SEE the bugger…there’s no redness or other indications of inflammation, just a tiny-weeny little scabby sore.

Now I’m wondering whether I might have a very, VERY mild dose of shingles, like just ONE spot. Is it possible to have an extremely localised outbreak of shingles? Of course, most of my reading indicates it tends to affect a larger area on the body, but wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

Cheers, remember, you are not my doctor, I have a dermatologist appointment in a few weeks, and to tip your waiter well. :slight_smile:

You** know** the answer.

" I have a long history of skin cancers,"

Sure anything is possible. It could be an extremely unusual presentation of shingles.:dubious:

Call your Doc in the AM.

Yeah, I have a long history of skin cancers but NONE of them have been like this little bastard. Whilst some have on occasion been a bit itchy, NONE have been actively painful. Hence my question.

Shingles usually resolve in about a month.
You have “an increasingly annoying and painful.” growth.
I’m not sure why you are trying to talk yourself out of this.

My WAG is this is a recurrence of the BSC you had removed. But who cares what I think.

Call your doctor and see what he/she thinks.

Once again, you know what they will think.

I’m in no way trying to be a jerk. Having a history, you have a lot of knowledge, you know not to ignore strange skin things.

I’m in no way trying to be a jerk either but DID YOU READ MY OP? I’ve already been to my doc and have a specialist dermatological appointment in the next few weeks. I’m not ignoring my weird skin shit, just asking if anyone might have had a similar experience…ala (painful) shingles localised to one lesion.