Help ID this late 70s, early 80s, sexy novel

I’m trying to come up with the title of a sexy paperback my parents hid from me (to no avail) when I was a child. The setting was a Hollywood, CA start-up adult magazine. Only one line sticks out in my mind. One of the publishers was flipping through a copy of Playboy (the competition), and, due to excessive airbrushing, he exclaimed “my hands smell from reading this shit”

I wouldn’t categorize this mystery title as a ‘Romance Novel’. It was more of a ‘50 Shades’ of it’s day. Definitely set in Hollywood and definitely in the print porn biz. One of the (main?) characters was a bi-sexual male.

Come on, Dope. What’s that title?

No idea, but I get a strong Jackie Collins vibe from your description.

Or Erica Jong. Or Emmanuelle Arsan. Or maybe Xaviera Hollander?

In fact, a quick google of Xaveria brings up her Wiki page which lists a book called Erotic Enterprises, Inc., published in 1985. I can’t find a description online, however.

Could that be it, Pashnish?

I don’t thinks he title was so obviously erotica.

Ah, the giants.

How about Harold Robbins? His Dreams Die First sounds like a contender.

I checked the Harold Robbins list of titles and nothing jumped out.

Really? From the Amazon link:

I guess that’s it! I didn’t recognize the title but the paperback cover is exactly as I remember. Thanks JS!